Catch Pre-Spawn Pigs with the Terminator® Pro Series Spinnerbait

Legendary Angler Al Lindner Shows How to Boat a Boatload of Largemouth Bass with Terminator® Pro Series Spinnerbaits.

Okay, let’s be honest y’all. When you want to wrestle with the pigs in your local lake, pond or canal, what lure can you count on to catch a pile load of largemouth bass day-in, and day-out, all season long, under just about any condition?

If it’s down to a bladed jig, a swimmingbait or a spinnerbait, what would you choose?

For legendary angler Al Lindner, host of Lindner’s Angling Edge television show, the choice is clear, especially when it comes to finicky spring-time northern largemouth bass that are less than cooperative.

“I know there’s a lot of buzz about bladed jigs right now,” says Lindner in a new video, “but if you ask me, the Terminator Pro Series spinnerbait is my bread-and-butter lure. It offers more versatility than a bladed jig. All season long, under all conditions – wood, lily pads, rocks, weeds, deep, shallow, buzzing it, jigging it — it puts them in the boat.”

Pro Series Spinnerbaits by Terminator feature vibrant, real-life looking patterns and come with several different blade colors and shape combinations. Quality components enhance the effectiveness of Pro Series Spinnerbaits, which include high-grade, 17-7 stainless steel; a custom hand-tied skirt; a premium VMC® hook; a premium ball-bearing swivel; and ultra- fine wire construction, which provides perfect balance, strength and amplified vibration.

Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits come in two sizes, 3/8-oz. and ½ oz. They are available in eleven head-and-skirt color patterns: Chartreuse and White Shad, Hot Olive, Shad Spawn, Retro Gill, Green Gizzard, Dirty Chartreuse Shad, Sunny, Silver Shiner, Pink, Pale Gold Shiner and Nashville Sexy.

“Terminator came on the scene with unique ideas for spinnerbaits,” added Lindner. “With its new Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits, they’ve made a really tremendous spinnerbait an even better spinnerbait, if you can imagine that.”

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