Part 3 of The Delivery Series Season 2 Wraps up in Southern California

The third Episode in The Delivery video series from Rapala explores the fish-catching power of the Rapala® X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow in Southern California’s Catalina Island.

Albacore tuna, redfish, and…calico bass?

Can one lure really be that versatile? Able to catch multiple species of fish in three distinct parts of the country?

The answer is yes. In the third episode of season two of The Delivery, a video series from Rapala, the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow proves again just how versatile Rapala lures can be.

In the latest installment of The Delivery, Rapala heads to California’s Catalina Island for a little shallow water fishing with Captain Collin Harrington, fishing guide and cinematographer. In the previous two episodes, the X-Rap Long Cast Shallow took on albacore tuna off of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, and Redfish in South Carolina’s Low Country.

The X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is a shallow-running model designed for extreme casting distances in the most demanding conditions. Built heavy and tough with super strong VMC® single hooks, the X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is the perfect solution for aggressive saltwater predators. It can be fished with a fast, steady retrieve for a snaking, wobbling action with minimal resistance or, it can be jerked to walk-the-dog just under the surface with the legendary X-Rap® Slashbait® action.

Harrington, who is renowned for his cinematography for major brands such as Porsche, Harley-Davidson, Smart Wool, and others, creates a saltwater visual feast in episode three of The Delivery.

“I grabbed some buddies and we headed to Catalina Island to film. It’s about 26 miles west of Newport beach and we were ready for whatever came our way,” said Harrington.

Fishing near the shore of Catalina lsland with regular sightings of dolphins, Harrington set up near a kelp forest to begin casting the X-Rap Long Cast Shallow. The X-Rap Long Cast Shallow not only delivered on California’s hard fighting calico bass, but also proved adept at bringing in white bass and Spanish mackerel, too.

Tune in to The Delivery, available for your viewing pleasure now.

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