New Sufix® Advance™ Monofilament Ticks All the Boxes

After revolutionizing braided line with 832® Advanced Superline®, Sufix turned its attention to monofilament, creating a durable, low-stretch, abrasion-resistant line that makes no sacrifices that limit performance.

James Holst – Host of In Depth Outdoors, one of the most popular shows in the Midwest for both open water and ice fishing has put Sufix® Advance® Mono to the test.“I’ve had the chance to fish Sufix Advance in the boat and out on the ice” states Holst, “and what I really like about the line is it offers incredible strength and low stretch without sacrificing manageability….even in extremely cold temps. I’ve been using it on all my ice rods and open water spinning rods and continue to be impressed with how smoothly the line comes off the reel, how well it casts, and how solid my hooksets are due to the reduced stretch. Advance truly is the line between traditional mono and braid!”

There’s some serious science at work making it a breeze to boat fish with Sufix Advance mono. Sufix engineered a proprietary magnetic-extrusion process to draw HMPE molecules toward the surface of the line and bond with the Hyper Copolymer. The result of all that engineering has quickly gained a reputation as the best Monofilament on the market, and has allowed anglers to improve their techniques to land more fish with such an advanced line.

In fact, after being tested in all markets, Sufix Advance Mono has gained its own reputation and a motto.  Sufix Advance Mono –“The Mono that Thinks It’s a Braid”

For the bass that thinks it’s a bulldog, for the walleye that thinks it’s a freight train, and certainly for the tarpon that thinks, well, it’s a tarpon; Sufix has a new mono that is built to handle and perform against all of these fun and amazing moments on the water.

To tick all the boxes a fishing line must test high in eight key characteristics; abrasion resistant, low memory, low stretch, long casting, supple, smooth, sensitive, and slick. Need less stretch when trolling walleye this spring with a new Shad Dancer® – CHECK. Need long distance on that new topwater bait when casting a Arashi® Topwalker – CHECK. Need more sensitivity when jigging walleyes with a Jigging Rap® – Check. Need more abrasion resistance when getting down and dirty bass fishing – CHECK. This line sounds like a braid but it’s not, Sufix Advance Mono simply thinks it’s a braid.

Sufix Advance Mono is available in two colors, clear and low-vis green, and nine strengths: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 20 and 25 pound test.

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