New Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum® Stick Triggers Savage Bites from Big Sport Fish

If you want to play with the big dogs, you better throw a big stick. That’s the philosophy engineered into every aspect of Rapala’s big new blue-water bait, the X-Rap® Magnum® Stick.

When it comes to big, blue-water sport fish and the baits that trigger them to bite, bigger often is better. That’s why Rapala makes some big saltwater baits with brilliant built-in action. Sometimes ‘the motion of the ocean’ just isn’t enough – sometimes you gotta’ bring a big stick.

Designed to fish fast and aggressively to attract the biggest and baddest blue-water predators, this new saltwater X-Rap lure, nearly 7 inches long, swims in wide, pronounced “S” curves. A lipless design and horizontal line-tie help make that swimming action easy to achieve with no more than a steady retrieve. Specially weighted to enable long casts necessary to target savvy predator fish successfully, the Magnum Stick falls head-down on the drop, with a savage-strike-triggering flutter.

A steady retrieve to the slightest twitch – and virtually all actions in between – will make an X-Rap Magnum Stick swim and fall with a lifelike, baitfish-mimicking flash. Inside the bodies of these translucent lures, encased within the hard plastic, are hyper-realistic baitfish designs printed on scalloped foil. When light in the water column connects with those scalloped cups in the foil, it reflects out from the lure in multiple directions, drawing sport fish to those flashes from all sorts of angles.

Anglers the world over will learn they can rely on the X-Rap Magnum Stick for consistent, easy-to-achieve action, versatility, and productivity in a wide range of retrieve speeds and styles. Those qualities appeal to anglers who target a wide range of species in a wide range of conditions.

Heavy-duty through-wire construction emboldens the X-Rap Magnum Stick to withstand savage bites from all manner of big, blue-water predators and come back for more. Tail wings extending from the taper at the bait’s rear – an infamously weak point in sub-par, cheaply churned-out knockoff baits – add structural support without detracting from the lure’s tantalizing baitfish profile. Additionally, the tail wings stabilize the bait while in flight on the cast, improving distance and accuracy.

X-Rap Magnum Sticks measure 6-3/4 inches, weigh 3-1/8ths of an ounce and come equipped with two heavy-duty No. 6/0 VMC tin-finish 4X in-line single hooks. They are available in 12 bite-triggering patterns and profiles.

Eight HD color-pattern offerings mimic common saltwater forage with intricate patterns and vibrant colors printed on the scalloped foil encased within the Magnum Stick’s translucent, durable-plastic body. They are: HD Blue Sardine, HD Bonito, HD Ghost, HD Hot Pink, HD Redhead, HD Silver Blue Mackerel, HD Sailfish UV and HD Wahoo UV. The four remaining offerings – Anchovy, Mullet, Purple High Voltage and Pilchard – utilize external, chrome finishes to mimic saltwater baitfish.

Blue is the most prominent color in four of the baitfish designs – HD Blue Sardine, HD Bonito, HD Silver Blue Mackerel and HD Wahoo. Silver is the most prominent color in the Anchovy, Mullet and HD Ghost designs. The HD Sailfish design features a black back and metallic-copper sides with vertical blue-silver stripes. The Pilchard design features a black back and chartreuse-and-green sides.

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