Luhr-Jensen’s new easy-pulling, fully rotating Coyote Cyclone Flasher features an innovative Kick-Fin design that enables it to call in big salmon and lake trout at several trolling speeds.

“It’s been excellent early this season for big salmon on Lake Michigan,” says Ged Strzynski, a Lake Michigan captain, tournament angler and Rapala® USA sales rep. “It works really, really well at 2.2, 2.3 mph and you can get all the way down to 1.7 mph. The Kick-Fins help it rotate so easily, making it a more effective fish attractor than other flashers.”

The patent-pending Coyote Cyclone Flasher rotates in a wide, elliptical pattern, adding fish-attracting flash and motion to your trolling presentation. Its namesake cyclone blade rotates independently in the flasher’s center, adding a strobing flash and vibration.

“You get the flash rotating, and then the inside spinner being chrome color really creates a huge attractant in the water for the fish, with vibration and turbulence behind it,” Strzynski says.

Luhr-Jensen® consulted numerous Great Lakes captains in different ports for almost three years while designing and engineering the Coyote Cyclone Flasher.

“We got a lot of input and feedback from captains on what features are most important, what colors are must-haves, and how sturdy it must be to stand up to the rigors of big fish and big water. We took our time, and the result is this truly unique Cyclone Flasher – nobody else has got anything like this on the market,” Strzynski says.

The Coyote Cyclone Flasher is available in two sizes – 8-⅜ inches and 11 inches. In the early half of this summer, the smaller model has helped Great Lakes anglers attract salmon and lake trout to Luhr-Jensen Flash Flies. Later in the summer, after the water has warmed considerably, those anglers will catch bigger fish by pulling Luhr-Jensen Twinkie Rigs behind the 11-inch Coyote Cyclone Flasher.

“Later in the season, when the bigger salmon show up, we’ll start fishing the bigger one,” Strzynski says. “It will be a pretty dynamite combination in August and the fall.”

Coyote Cyclone Flashers are available in 11 color patterns, including three with UV Bright finishes and eight with Everglo finishes.

“Some of the colors are best for anglers out west, some are Great Lakes colors, and some, we combined some Great Lakes colors with some ocean colors for additional options,” Strzynski says.

UV Bright finishes reflect additional light energy, boosting the Coyote Cyclone Flasher’s visibility. Everglo finishes glow in the dark. The UV Bright color patterns are: Fish Candy Purple Moon Jelly, Fish Candy Chartreuse Moon Jelly and Fish Candy Blue Moon Jelly. The Everglo color patterns are: Cop Car Crack Glow Moon Jelly, Frog Racer Glow Moon Jelly, Froggy Glow Moon Jelly, Blue Crack Glow Moon Jelly, Green Crack Glow Moon Jelly, Red Crack Glow Moon Jelly, White Crack Glow Moon Jelly and Black Crack Glow Moon Jelly.

“Those Everglo patterns glow for a super, super-long time,” Strzynski says.

All the moving parts on a Coyote Cyclone Flasher are fitted with heavy-duty ball-bearing swivels and welded rings to ensure many years of fish-attracting action.

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