New Colors for the Saltwater Bite

Rapala® is bringing some great new colors to Saltwater fishing.

Introducing the ‘Pure Chrome’ Skitter V Topwater Lure
The Rapala® Skitter V, the topwater lure that makes walking the dog easier than ever is now available in a new “Pure Chrome” color pattern.

The new look, as its name indicates, sees the Skitter V decked out in shiny chrome from tip to tail, top to bottom. A black shiner spot behind the bait’s molded-in gill plate is the new color pattern’s only accent. The “Pure Chrome” pattern will be available in both Skitter V sizes – the 4-inch, ½-oz. model and the 5.25-inch, 1-oz. model.

Introduced in 2017 in a new line-up of coastal Rapala baits, the Skitter V was quickly adopted by freshwater anglers as well. Coastal and inland anglers alike praise its innovative V-Rap belly design, which enables it to “walk the dog” with little effort.

“Walking the dog” with a topwater bait means retrieving it back to the boat with a side-to-side cadence of drastic direction changes, followed by soft, long glides on slack line.

The Skitter V lure features tail-weighted balance, 3-D holographic eyes and durable-plastic construction. The Skitter V come armed with two sticky-sharp VMC® black-nickel, round-bend hooks.

New UV Bright Colors for X-Rap® Magnum – George Poveromo’s Go-To Trolling Bait, X-Rap Magnum, Receives Two New Patterns
The trolling baits trusted to tempt deep-dwelling monsters by the host of “George Poveromo’s World of Fishing” show on Discovery Channel will soon come in two new UV Bright patterns to help anglers worldwide discover and catch more big fish.

Rapala is introducing “Hussar UV” and “Yellow Fusilier UV” color patterns to its legendary X-Rap Magnum line.

X-Rap® Magnums “appeal to a broad range of pelagic fish that are not up on the surface feeding,” said Poveromo, a Rapala pro and beloved fishing-show host. “Their large lip takes them down to within the portion of the water column where fish are holding deep and not really wanting to come up.” The new patterns include:

Hussar UV – Features an orange tail, red-pink back and head, silver-white sides with pink accents and scale patterns, and a horizontal, black lateral line from tip to tail.

Yellow Fusilier UV – Features a chartreuse tail and back, sky-blue sides, belly and head, and a white throat.

Hand-tuned and tank-tested to meet Rapala’s strict quality standards, Rapala X-Rap Magnum lures run perfectly right out of the box with an enticing wobbling, side-to-side action that drives fish mad. The lure’s off-kilter swimming motion creates a steady vibration fish pick up on with their lateral lines, a system of sense organs fish use to track prey.

Although lure action and vibration help draw in fish in the dim light of deep water, you stand a better chance of getting bit if fish can see your bait from a distance. The deeper you fish, the more difficult that becomes. UV Bright bait finishes, however, make it easier.

The eyes of fish – unlike ours – can sense both visible light and ultra-violet light. UV light, which comprises wavelengths that exist “beyond violet” and beyond colors visible to the human eye, penetrates deeper in the water column than does visible light, making UV Bright baits stand out where regular baits are obscured.

Boasting the tried-and-true X-Rap design, X-Rap Magnums feature a textured, translucent, plastic body, an internal scale pattern, internal holographic foil and attention-grabbing 3-D holographic eyes. The No. 20 model X-Rap Magnum runs 20 feet deep, measures 5.5 inches and weighs 1-5/8ths oz. The No. 30 runs 30 feet deep, measures 6.25 inches and weighs 2-½ oz. The No. 40 model runs 40 feet deep, measures 7 inches and weighs 3-3/8th oz.

New Mackerel and Anchovy Patterns for the X-Rap® Long Cast
The coastal baits designed to deliver extreme casting distance in even the most demanding conditions will soon come in four new forage patterns to meet angler demand. X-Rap® Long Cast plugs will be available next season in Anchovy, Blue Mackerel, Chrome Mackerel and Green Mackerel looks.

Anchovy – Features a black-and-gray back, bluish-silver sides and a silver belly and head.

Blue Mackerel – Features a black back, silver sides with black mackerel markings and a silver belly and throat.

Chrome Mackerel – Features a metallic blue back, silver sides with black mackerel markings and a silver belly and throat.

Green Mackerel – Features a metallic green back, silver sides with black mackerel markings and a silver belly and throat.

Designed to deliver extreme casting distance in even the most demanding conditions, the X-Rap Long Cast is built tough for aggressive saltwater predators they attract. The lure dives 4-to-5 feet, depending on line size and retrieve speed. A fast, steady retrieve gives it a strong rolling and wobbling action with minimal resistance.

The X-Rap Long Cast is available in two sizes. The No. 12 model measures 4.75 inches, weighs 1-¼ ounces, and come armed with two 3/0 VMC® Tin Finish 4X-Strong In-line Single Hooks. The No. 14 model measures 5.5 inches, weighs 1-7/8 ounces and sports two 5/0 VMC Tin Finish 4X-Strong In-line Single Hooks

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