New Color Patterns for the ® Shad Dancer®, Shadow Rap® and Super Shad Rap®

Some of your favorite lures just got great new colors.

Three Bold New Color Patterns for the Shad Dancer®
The Rapala® Shad Dancer®, the multi-species bait pegged as “practically perfect” by angling legend Al Lindner is now available in three new color patterns to help anglers everywhere enhance their on-the-water success.

For the coming season, Rapala Shad Dancer lures will be available in new “Blue Flash,” “Silver Flash” and “Chrome Gold Fluorescent Red” patterns.

Blue Flash – Features a blue-chrome back with black trout-style speckles, chrome sides with four scale-pattern spots and a red-chrome belly and throat.

Silver Flash – Features a black-chrome back with black trout-style speckles, chrome sides with four scale-pattern spots and a red-chrome belly and throat.

Chrome Gold Fluorescent Red – Features a chrome-orange back with a scale pattern, metallic gold sides with a black shad spot, and a red throat.

Swimming with a silent but aggressive, hard-thumping and sweeping tail action, the Rapala Shad Dancer offers the excitement of a Rapala Tail Dancer in a shad-profile bait. Those features combine perfectly to comprise the world’s next great multi-species bait, pronounced Lindner when the Shad Dancer was first unveiled.

“With this bait, walleyes, smallmouth bass and even largemouth bass won’t be able to resist a strike,” said Lindner, co-founder of In-Fisherman and host of the influential Angling Edge and Fishing Edge television shows.

“The swimming action, vibration, size, hook-up ratio and the color make it an almost perfect bait,” Lindner said. “Fish like it. They really, really like it.”

Rapala Shad Dancer lures feature tough balsa bodies available in three sizes: 1.5 inches (3/16th oz.), 7-to-10 feet, 2 inches (1/4 oz.), 7-to-10 feet and 2.75 inches (9/16th oz.) 9-to-14 feet. They come armed with two sticky-sharp VMC black-nickel, round-bend hooks

Two New Colors for the Shadow Rap® – The Amazing Feider-Man’s Favorite Jerkbait, The Shadow Rap, is Available in Two New Colors
Seth Feider, aka “The Amazing Feider-Man” will soon be hoisting in even more giant bass with two new forage patterns in the Rapala® Shadow Rap® series jerkbait lure line.

And so will you, when you tie on a Shadow Rap in either “Firetiger” and “Live Perch.”

The Shadow Rap series comprises four jerkbaits:

Shadow Rap®

Shadow Rap® Deep

Shadow Rap® Shad

Shadow Rap® Shad Deep

Each one is instrumental in the arsenal of Seth Feider, the popular Rapala pro from Minnesota, whom Bassmaster Elite Series Emcee Dave Mercer nicknamed “The Amazing Feider-Man.”

Which Shadow Rap model will be Feider’s hero of the day depends on variations in season, water and weather conditions and what forage is available for bass to eat at the time. The new color patterns will make it easier for Feider, and anglers everywhere, to “match the hatch” on any given day.

Firetiger, a hyper-realistic perch pattern, features a bottle-green back, bright yellow sides with 45-degree-angle black stripes and a bright orange belly and throat.

The Live Perch pattern is a more-natural-looking baitfish imitation, featuring a black back, muted yellow sides with black vertical stripes and a white belly and throat.

While most jerkbaits follow a forward trajectory with each twitch of the rod tip, the original Shadow Rap darts side-to-side and, with a sharp jerk, spin around almost 180 degrees. They move vertically too.

“This is my go-to, cold-water jerkbait,” Feider said. “I fish it slow, early in the spring and late in the fall. I give it a couple twitches and let it sit there.”

Original Shadow Raps combine a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade, perfectly mimicking a dying baitfish’s movements. They are designed to target bass and other gamefish in two to four feet of water. To catch fish in four to eight feet, there’s a deeper-running model, the Shadow Rap Deep. Both models come armed with three No. 6 VMC black-nickel, round-bend hooks. Each lure measures 4-3/8 inches and weighs 7/16ths of an ounce.

While similar to original Shadow Raps, the Shadow Rap Shad lure is taller in profile but not as long.

“They look more like a shad or bluegill than a typical jerkbait,” Feider explained.

And rather than slowly sinking on the pause — as do original Shadow Raps — Shadow Rap Shads slowly rise when stalled, slightly wobbling. Shadow Rap Shads trigger fish also with erratic action when jerked, a subtle shimmy when rising, and drastic flash when snapped back to life.

Shadow Rap Shads also come in two models that target different depth ranges — three to four feet and five to six feet. The model that runs deeper is called, aptly, the Shadow Rap Shad Deep. Both models come armed with three No. 6 VMC black-nickel, round-bend hooks. Each measures 4-3/8 inches and weighs 7/16th of an ounce.

New Color Patterns for the Super Shad Rap®
The trolling baits that put multiple muskies per day in the boat of a top guide on Green Bay will soon come in four new color patterns to help muskie anglers everywhere better “match the hatch” and catch more big, toothy critters of their own.

Rapala is adding “Goldfish,” “Halloween,” “Scaled Baitfish” and “Chrome” patterns to its legendary Rapala Super Shad Rap line.

“Running baits that match the hatch really put the odds in your favor,” said Capt. Bret Alexander, an in-demand guide on Green Bay who launched a Super Shad Rap-trolling trend when he and In-Fisherman editor Doug Stange caught and boated six muskies on Super Shad Raps in one day in an In-Fisherman TV episode.

“If you show the fish something the same size and color as what they’re used to eating, you’re going to have a good day on the water,” Alexander added.

Here’s what the new patterns will look like

Goldfish – Features a metallic orange-gold body with a realistic scale pattern on the back and sides, and red-and-black eyes.

Halloween – Features a black and smoke-gray back with scale pattern, gray scale-pattern sides, orange pectoral fins, belly and throat and a yellow-and-black eyes.

Scaled Baitfish – Features a black back, silver-scale-pattern sides with yellow-scale accents, yellow pectoral fins, yellow-and-red gills, a black-and-bluish-gray head, and red-and-black eyes.

Chrome – Features a black back with scale pattern, chrome sides with a black shad spot, chrome belly and red gills and throat, and silver-and-black eyes.

Built from super tough African Abachi wood and rigged with heavy-duty hardware and 3X VMC® hooks, Super Shad Raps features the same fish-catching action of the original Shad Rap® in a super-sized presentation. Super Shad Rap lures measure 5.5 inches long and weigh 1-5/8th oz.

“Trolling Super Shad Raps for muskies is effective on every lake with a big population of shad or perch,” Alexander said.

Every Super Shad Rap is hand-tuned and tank-tested to fish perfect right out of the box. They feature a natural swimming action at any speed and stainless-steel through-wire construction.

“I have never lost a muskie on a Super Shad due to a bait failure,” Alexander added. “A lot of the companies that have tried copying the Super Shads don’t have through-wire construction.”

See Rapala® Shad Dancer®

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