Whether they’re a veteran fish-catching expert or one of the 8.6 million new anglers that wet a line for the first time in the last two years alone*, this holiday season luring in holiday cheer for the outdoor adventurers on your gift-giving list will be easy as shooting fish in a barrel with the latest best-in-class gear from Rapala, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936.

From record-setting lures to top-notch accessories for unbelievable angling action on the water — and on the ice — Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands offers a seemingly endless selection of gifts to help your friends and family catch bigger, better for years to come.

Check out the following gift ideas to reel in the perfect holiday season and guarantee the sporting enthusiast in your life will think of you the next time they hook a wall-worthy trophy fish.

The Rapala® Shadow Rap® Series
The hottest lure to hit the water in years, the new Rapala® Shadow Rap® Series will have the angler on your holiday gift list haulin’ in hawgs like never before with an action the pros have dubbed “the death quiver.”

As a minnow is dying, it struggles, lunges in erratic jerking motions, then falls with a slow, quivering fade — just like the Shadow Rap. This dynamic, lifelike action keeps the bait in the strike zone longer than conventional jerkbaits, upping your friends’ and family members’ chances of hooking their favorite game fish.

Promising heart-pounding strikes with each twitch of the rod, the Shadow Rap swims in the 2 to 4-foot water column, while the Shadow Rap Deep targets fish staging 4 to 8-feet deep. Both models are ready for action with premium VMC hooks and 14 enticing color patterns.


Premium Rapala® Fishing and Hunting Knives
A high-quality blade is an essential accessory for any outdoors enthusiast. From prepping a delicious fish fry after a successful day rippin’ lips, to expertly dressing the bounty of an exhilarating hunt, Rapala offers premium knifes ideal for your loved one’s next outings on the water and in the wilderness.


Rapala® Fish ‘N Fillet® Knives
With more than 40 million sold to date, the legendary Rapala® Fish ‘N Fillet is responsible for more shore lunches than any other fillet on the market.

A product of pure craftsmanship, these knives are designed with Rapala’s iconic birch handle and feature a progressively tapered, flexible, full-tang European stainless steel blade that holds the razor sharp edge experienced anglers demand. With four blade sizes to choose from, there’s a can’t-miss option for every fish-cleaning chore.


New Rapala® Classic Birch Collection Hunting Knives
The sharpest choice for fishing is now the sharpest choice for hunting. Rapala® has extended its outdoors expertise from the fish camp to the field with the launch of a new line of knives designed specifically for hunters: The Rapala Classic Birch Collection.

With six expertly crafted models — each designed to meet a specific need — the hunters in your life will be thrilled to receive a new set of razor-sharp stainless steel knives that promise to take the headache out of skinning or field dressing wild game.

The Rapala Classic Birch Collection is available at select outdoor retailers throughout the Midwest and includes the following varieties: the Classic Birch Collection Skinner Knife; Clip Point Knife; Drop Point Knife; Gut Hook Knife; Caping Knife and Bird Knife.

Learn more about the new Rapala Classic Birch Collection and find the nearest location to purchase these premium knives at


The Storm® Arashi Series
When it’s time for your favorite anglers to head out on pig patrol, make sure their tacklebox is locked and loaded with the bass-slaying lures of the Storm® ArashiSeries.

Equipped with a self-tuning line tie that keeps the bait tracking true and rotated hook hangers that prevent hang-ups, the Arashi Series offers baits targeting hawgs at every depth to deliver non-stop, bass-busting action in any scenario.

New for 2015, the Storm has expanded the Arashi Series with the introduction of the new Arashi Top Walker, a bait that elicits exciting topwater strikes with an attention-grabbing “walk-the-dog” presentation, and the new Arashi Deep 18 and Arashi Deep 25, two deep-diving cranks designed to hunt monster bass that prowl deep down in hidden honey holes.


Available in six bold varieties and multiple sizes and 16 eye-catching color patterns, these unstoppable baits are the stuff holiday miracles are made of.

New MarCum® iSeries Flasher Sonar Units
This holiday season, delight any ice fishing diehard with the high-tech, fish-finding advantage of a new MarCum® iSeries Flasher Sonar unit.

Among the most advanced systems ever built, MarCum has updated its top-of-the line LX-5i Dual Beam True Color Sonar Flasher System, LX-3TCi True Color Sonar Flasher System and VX-1i 3-Color Sonar Flasher System with larger displays that prevent snow buildup and increase viewing angles, allowing enhanced sight lines from all sides on its traditional flashers.

Serious anglers have long praised the unrivaled quality of a MarCum flasher’s resolution, a feature that allows ice heads to get the best possible view of the action below the ice. Now, with updates to its most popular units, MarCum makes it easier than ever for cold-weather anglers to clearly see the fish about to bite their lure, a key factor that can make the difference between landing and losing the next big catch.


Legendary StrikeMaster® Ice Augers
Leveraging 65+ years of experience reaching fish through the ice, each legendary StrikeMaster® auger is meticulously designed to combine power, speed and lightness to win the race to the bottom of the hole each and every time. The brand’s latest ice-crushing innovations — the Lazer Mag, Honda 35cc Lite and Chipper Magnum — are the perfect “big ticket” gifts to make this holiday season one the lucky recipient won’t soon forget.

StrikeMaster® Lazer Mag
Considered the Cadillac of power augurs for its timeless quality, the Lazer Mag is as tough as an auger gets. Built for battle with the thickest of ice, its highly portable body and powerful 42cc engine make it an excellent option for hole hopping quickly and efficiently. Available in four sizes, the Lazer Mag cuts through ice quicker than a hot knife through butter.


StrikeMaster® Honda35cc Lite
Light as a feather and strong as an ox, the Honda35cc Lite features a dependable, efficient Honda 4-stroke engine that virtually eliminates worries of set-backs on the ice. Featuring ultra-sharp Lazer Blades, this auger masterfully brews noiseless horsepower and steadfast reliability for pure, unbridled drilling speed and is available in 8-inch and 10-inch models.


StrikeMaster® Chipper Magnum
A testament to modern ingenuity, the Chipper Magnum’s American-Made transmission components and Boron Steel blade offer the power and durability to punch holes season after season and is as dependable as the rising sun. A steadfast winter workhorse available in 8 1/4-inch and 10 1/4-inch models, the StrikeMaster® Chipper Magnum will quickly become the No. 1 ally to any dedicated hardwater angler lucky enough to take it for a spin on the ice.


Rapala® and ICE FORCE® Apparel
When it comes to threads that offer both comfort and functionality, there’s no better fit for the boat, ice house or even a night out on the town than Rapala® and ICE FORCE® apparel. Help your friends look good when they tango with a toothy pike, wily walleye or behemoth bass no matter the season by gifting a new jacket, hoody, hat, shirt or a bevy of other accessories this holiday season. Available with overnight shipping at (if ordered before 1 p.m. CST), Rapala and ICE FORCE apparel is the answer to your last-minute shopping needs.


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  1. Is there a single catalog that shows all of the lures made by rapala that are marketed every where in the world. It seems that some of the rapala lures are marketed in the USA and others are marketed in other countries,ie: the shallow running tail dancer which is not available in the USA but is available in Europe. Thank you.

  2. I’ve had a number of those shadow raps crack down the sides. Have you heard about this problem or is it just me? I have had six or seven crack on me. I’m a tournament angler and I love the action of this bait. Thank you tony ward

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