Key New Items for Coastal Waters

VMC® Offers New Circle Hook and TechSet Assist Hook Rigs
VMC, world renowned for its meticulous attention to design and manufacturing quality, is expanding its line-up of live-bait offerings to include a new circle hook and two new TechSet Assist Hook rigs.

Tournament Circle B-Lok™ Hook
VMC’s new, 1X Strong, patent-pending, Tournament Circle B-Lok Hook is made from forged Vanadium Steel and features an extra-wide gap and a non-offset needle point. A dual- fluorocarbon bait stop prevents baits from slipping up and down the hook shank. They are available in five sizes: 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0.

TechSet Tandem Assist Rig
VMC’s new TechSet Tandem Assist Rig comprises two TechSet Assist Hooks dressed with ultra-reflective tinsel and suspended from premium braid with a fluorocarbon core. The hooks are attached to the braid with 3-point epoxy-resin-reinforced threads and hung from a uniform solid ring.

TechSet Assist Hooks, also a new VMC product, feature an innovative Technical Locking Curve, which maximizes hook sets and locks fish in place. Spade-ended, the hooks are forged and chemically sharpened to a needle point.

The new TechSet Tandem Assist Rig is available in six sizes. The 1, 1/0 and 2/0 sizes can withstand as much as 130 lbs. of pressure. The 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 models can handle up to 200 lbs.

TechSet Heavy Duty Tandem Assist Rig
VMC’s new TechSet Heavy Duty Tandem Assist Rig is a stouter model of the similar TechSet Tandem Assist rig. It boasts the same features but comes with bigger and stronger TechSet Heavy Duty Assist Hooks. Each heavy-duty model (sizes 5/0, 6/0 and 7/0) can withstand as much as 250 lbs. of pressure.

Trigger Deep Bites with New Williamson® Kensaki Jig
Williamson’s new Kensaki Jig is like a double-edged sword – while its dagger shape cuts water fast, allowing it to get deep, its keel-shaped bottom slows its descent with fish-triggering fluttering action. Those qualities combine in a bait that catches fish like no other.

“What’s really exciting about this jig is that you can jig it both slow and fast,” said Rapala® Pro Nigel Hagley. “The keel shape slows the fall of the jig, so it remains in the strike zone longer. But at the same time, it’s much slimmer than conventional slow jigs, which are generally quite wide. So you have this slim profile, which allows you to jig this lure really quickly.”

A lift-and-fall, slow-pitch technique will cause a Williamson Kensaki Jig to dart aggressively upward on the lift, followed by a tight horizontal flutter on a slack-line fall.

“That fluttering action comes from the keel,” Hagley explained. “The keel is what makes this jig very unique from other jigs.”

The new Williamson Kensaki Jig features include an embedded life-like holographic foil finish and VMC Double Assist hooks suspended on armored braid.

The new Williamson Kensaki Jig is available in eight color patterns: Glow Zebra UV, Green Sardine Zebra UV, Silver UV, Orange Zebra Pearl, Silver Pink Zebra, Naked Flash Zebra, Holographic Gold Flash Zebra and Chartreuse.

The lure comes in four sizes: 5.25 in. (4-¼ oz.), 6 in. (6 oz.), 6.75 inches (7-¾ oz.), 7.25 inches (9-7/8th oz.).

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