It’s That Time of Year Again. Rapala Billboards are Back!

In many parts of the U.S., fishing for your favorite freshwater species such as bass, walleye or northern pike is open year-round.

But in Minnesota, where Rapala® USA is headquartered, open water fishing season is closed for a couple of months each year toward the end of ice fishing season through early spawn. Open water fishing season officially begins at 12:01 a.m. beginning on the second Saturday of May.

It’s on this day, that about one-third of Minnesotans will head out to their favorite body of water and wet their line, including Minnesota’s governor, who heads to a local fishing resort community each year to promote the Minnesota fishing opener.  Additionally, in the coming months, tens of thousands of more Minnesotans will head “Up North” to their cabins, where they’ll be joined by folks driving up from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and many other states in search of fishing fun.

One of the “unofficial” traditions to the start of open-water fishing season in Minnesota are Rapala billboards, which greet anglers of all generations as they head to their favorite fishing hole. For more than 35 years, these billboards feature headlines that remind anglers about taking a little time off from our everyday work and stresses to enjoy some time on the water. Here’s our latest batch:

What could be more sweet than fishing while listening to a baseball game on the radio.

Rapala gives remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic a new definition.

Never break a sweat when you tie on a Rapala. Those needle sharp VMC hooks say “I got this.”

Beware of the big beasts with hair.

An evening trolling run on a glass smooth lake. The perfect way to end a perfect summer day.

Bass still go crazy for the Original Floating Rapala, 85 years after we made our first one.

A nod. A fist bump. It’s been a good day on the water with you and your buddies.

From your friends at Rapala, happy 2021 fishing season. Hope to see you on the water soon.

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