Illuminate Your After-Sundown, Outdoor Adventures with Rapala R12® Lithium Spotlight Lantern

For night owls who prefer northern lights to neon lights, and fireflies to barflies, Rapala’s new R12® Lithium Spotlight Lantern is the perfect portable illumination device for any after-sundown, outdoor adventure. Take it fishing or camping, hiking or stargazing, or down any other path your passion takes you.

An articulating, adjustable head and a powerful, 1,000-lumens bright LED deliver dual-functionality – both as a spotlight and as a lantern. In spotlight mode, it precisely directs and focuses an ultra-bright beam of light on far-off areas of interest. In lantern mode, it emanates a warm dome of illumination all around your area of activity, be it a boat or tent, trailhead, or at the picnic table or in the cabin.

In lantern mode, powered by a fully charged Rapala® R12® 2aH Lithium-ION battery (sold separately), the R12 Lithium Spotlight Lantern can illuminate your area of activity for as many as 17 hours. It comes with a built-in, recessed loop, ensuring you can hang it practically anywhere to light up the night wherever your adventures take you.

In spotlight mode, a fully charged R12 Lithium Spotlight Lantern can provide high-power directional lighting for as many as five hours. An onboard LED power gauge enables you to monitor battery-charge percentage. The spotlight can be set for low beam, medium beam, high beam, or strobe mode.

Rapala backs the R12 Lithium Spotlight Lantern with a two-year warranty.

R12 Lithium ION Battery and Charging Base

The R12 Lithium Spotlight Lantern is one of several clever accessories in Rapala’s innovative R12 Series. Rapala engineered each R12 device to improve outcomes and efficiencies for people pursuing their passions for all manner of outdoor adventures and memory-making experiences. Additional accessories in the line-up are the R12 Heavy Duty Lithium Knife and the R12 Lithium Aerator.

Each R12 device draws power from an interchangeable R12 Lithium ION 2aH Battery (sold separately) that will meet and exceed the needs of even hard-core anglers for performance and strength, reliability and durability. Whether you run all your R12 accessories with one battery, or each with its own, one R12 Charging Base (sold separately) can, one at a time, rejuvenate multiple batteries. The R12 system’s smart-charging technology ensures 1-hour charging with cell optimization.

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