How About Reverse Engineering a Giant Redfish this Weekend?

A new commercial from Rapala captures the essence of saltwater fishing and how Rapala® is there at every precious moment. We invite you to check it out.

Your captain yells at you: “Redfish at 1 p.m. moving to your left.”

You cast out your Skitter V, size 10, in the gold olive pattern, out ahead of the school. You start working the lure. BAAAAMMM! Fish on! Your line screams. And you hold on for dear life.

And in the back of your head, flashes a sequence of images.

Making your cast.

Searching the water for schools of redfish.

Arriving at this spot.

Flying on the water with your captain in his flats boat.

Putting your new Rapala lures in your tackle box.

Opening the box from Rapala.

Receiving a box on your doorstep.

Your lures being placed in a box from your favorite retailer.

Rapala product quality engineers testing your lure.

A CAD design of the Skitter V.

A drawing on a piece of paper.

This is where great fishing begins.

In the imagination of a Rapala engineer who wants you to experience the catch of a lifetime. And all along the way, there are dozens of Rapala employees who have had a hand in the making and delivery of that Skitter V that’s now the only thing between you and the catch of a lifetime.

It’s all connected. We’re connected. And we’re smiling with you.

Let’s go reverse engineer another redfish for fun. What do you think?

See Rapala® Skitter V

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