Holiday Gift Ideas for the Angler Who Loves to Fish from the Dock

So you don’t own a fancy bass boat. Or a canoe. Or a kayak. So what! You realized a secret a long time ago – as a Dock Boy or Dock Girl – you have mobility on your side. Jump in the truck or car and move from dock to dock. After all, there are more ways to cover water than owning a $60,000 Ranger.

If you’re on the search for the perfect holiday gift for your Dock Boy or Dock Girl, look no further than these recommendations from Santa Bass, who knows exactly what those who love to fish from docks need for pure fishing pleasure.

Wrap them up individually and stuff them in a stocking, or put everything in a box for a surefire surprise under the tree, these dock-fishing specific lures and fishing line are sure to please anglers of all ages and all skill levels. Simply put: you can’t go wrong. Thank Santa Bass for that.

Rapala® Original Floating® – No. 7
The Rapala Original Floater in Silver is the go-to fishing lure for the entire world. There’s a reason it’s on our Fish from the Dock list – there is no lure that is more likely to have you be the envy of all the other dock anglers – and the guys in the big bass boats watching the action from outside the weed line. Whether twitched on top as a surface bait, retrieved as a shallow runner, weighted with a split shot for medium depth or bottom walked off a three-way swivel or bottom bouncer, the wounded minnow action continues to be irresistible to fish everywhere. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure that world renowned action straight from the box.

Storm® 360GT Searchbait™ – 3.5 in., 1/8 oz.
When you just want to know “What the heck is off the dock anyway?” pop on a Storm 360GT and start searching for answers. The 360GT Searchbait is the ultimate confidence lure that has been designed to fish anywhere by all skill levels. As a searchbait, it allows you to cover more water, uncovering more fish. Once you locate fish, there’s no need to switch your presentation. The 360GT Searchbait has a natural swimming action fish can’t refuse. Fishing it couldn’t be easier, simply cast it out and reel it in with a steady retrieve. Perfect for dock fishing. Hang on tight and be ready for action.

Blue Fox® Vibrax® Bullet Fly – Blade Size 2
It’s hard not to go to the safe bet – a bobber and worms – when you’re on the dock. But no worries, because the next sure thing is a Vibrax Bullet Fly. This inline spinner is perfectly designed for shallow waters, which allows you to work not just the end of the dock, but everything in between. And because it’s a long-casting delight (30% heavier than the Classic Vibrax to cast like a bullet), you’ll cover twice as much water as the other folks. You’ll even have the guys in their fancy fishing boats gasping in disgust as you pull a big one right out from under their noses. Inline blade spins directly on the shaft in a wider arc for more vibration, and the dressed tail adds life-like attraction for those finicky eaters.

VMC® Curl Tail Spinnerbait – 1/16
The Curl Tail Spinnerbait has it all – a weedless flash and vibration that grabs the attention of fish and just won’t let them go. Equipped with a premium VMC power gap hook that has a 5% wider gap than traditional jig hooks, it comes pre-rigged with a TriggerX® Curl Tail body. The long micro-thin tail swims with a light and subtle vibration that acts like a magnet to draw shallow-feeding fish out from under the dock and from nearby weeds, stumps and boulders.

Sufix® Elite® Fishing Line – 6 lb. test, Clear, 330 yards
For dock fishing, the clear, hands-down choice is Sufix Elite. It offers unbeatable strength and easy handling, and superior tensile and knot strength due to micro-resin technology. Elite handles better and casts with ease due to a proprietary extrusion process. It’s the perfect match for Rapala, Blue Fox, Storm and VMC dock fishing lures.

Holiday Bonus: When ordering through, place your order by midnight on Dec. 9, 2020, to guarantee delivery by Dec. 23, 2020.

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