From helping you reel in your first sunny off the dock, to netting a wall-worthy fish together, few bonding moments create lasting memories like a day of fishing with Dad. While just wetting a line together is a blast, fishing is always more fun when you’re catching. This Father’s Day, give him years of on-the-water excitement with gifts from Rapala®, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936.

Named America’s favorite hard lure and fillet knife brand for nine consecutive years*, with Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands, you’re giving Dad more than just additions to his angling arsenal — you’re giving the thrill of a boatload of fun with his favorite fishing buddy: you.
Check out the following gift ideas to reel in the perfect Father’s Day this year with record-setting lures, top-notch accessories and stylish, yet comfortable apparel:

The Rapala® Shadow Rap® Series:
The hottest lure to hit the water in years, the new Rapala® Shadow Rap® Series will have Dad haulin’ in hawgs like never before with an action the pros have dubbed “the death quiver.”

As a minnow is dying, it struggles, lunges in erratic jerking motions, then falls with a slow, quivering fade — just like the Shadow Rap. This dynamic, lifelike action keeps the bait in the strike zone longer than conventional jerkbaits, upping Pops’ chances of hooking his target game fish.

Promising dramatic strikes with each twitch of the rod, the Shadow Rap swims in the 2-to-4 foot water column, while the Shadow Rap Deep targets fish staging 4-to-8 feet deep. Both models are ready for action with premium VMC hooks and 14 enticing color patterns.


Rapala® Fish ‘N Fillet® Knives:
Boasting more guts than any other knife, this is the one that taught the world to fillet. With more than 40 million sold to date, the legendary Rapala® Fish ‘N Fillet is the knife no dad should have to do without.

Used in more fishing camps, on more charter boats and by more fisherman than any other fillet knife in the world, the Fish ‘N Fillet is a product of pure craftsmanship. Designed with a progressively tapered, flexible, full-tang European stainless steel blade, the knife holds the razor sharp edge fillet artists demand.

The blade is securely anchored in the Fish ‘N Fillet’s iconic birch handle and protected by a fine-tooled leather Laplander sheath. With four blade sizes to choose from, there’s an option for every fish-cleaning chore. The knife even includes an easy-to-use, single-stage sharpener to ensure it’s never dull when Pops is ready to clean the day’s catch.


The Rapala® Scatter Rap® Series
Ask any angler worth their salt and they’ll tell you a killer action is the key to consistently hooking finicky fish. Enter the Rapala® Scatter Rap® Series and its patented Scatter Lip™, a collection of baits with the most evasive, erratic swimming action ever seen.

The moment Dad ties on one of these lures, he’ll notice its erratic movements. The lures swim up, down and side-to-side, mimicking a spooked baitfish fleeing attack for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Cast or trolled, versatile Scatter Rap lures come in five renowned profiles, including the Scatter Rap Minnow, Scatter Rap Crank (also available in shallow and deep models), Scatter Rap Shad, Scatter Rap Jointed, and Scatter Rap CountDown® — each set to fish in 16 finishes.

Introduced in 2013, the Scatter Rap Series has already caught a slew of International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world-record fish. Pick some up for Father’s Day and Dad might just find his name in the record books too.


The Storm® Arashi™ Series:
When it’s time for the Big Guy to head out on pig patrol, make sure his tacklebox is prepped with plenty of bass-slaying crankbaits from the Storm® Arashi™ Series.

All Arashi lures come equipped with a self-tuning line tie that keeps the bait tracking true and a circuit board lip perfect for bouncing off of structure to produce reactive bites. Their rotated hook hangers help prevent hang-ups to ensure Dad will enjoy non-stop, bass-busting action.

The Arashi Series offers anglers the perfect bait for targeting every part of the water column. Go deep with the Arashi Rattling Deep 10, hit mid-range depths with the Flat 7, pound the shallows with the Rattling Square or Silent Square 3 and 5 or terrorize fish by tying on the Wake Crank for a boisterous topwater presentation that can’t be ignored.

Available in 13 eye-catching color patterns, these baits are as effective as they are easy to fish.


Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands Apparel:
It’s time for the Old Man to ditch that ratty old hat he’s been fishing in since you were wearing diapers and time to start looking good when he takes a selfie with his next prized catch.

This Father’s Day, hook him up with stylish, yet comfortable apparel from Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands. He’s sure to look like a pro when he dons a new Rapala track jacket or a Sufix long-sleeve T-shirt. You can even help him keep his eyes on the prize with a new yellow Rapala Legacy hat or Rapala logo visor, both comfortable options that provide a bit of welcome shade during bright, sunny days on the water.

Great for outings on the water, but appropriate for a night at his favorite haunts around town, Dad will be the best-dressed angler in the boat. With overnight shipping available (if ordered before 1 p.m. CDT), you’ll have these great gifts in-hand in no time.


The World’s Favorite Classic Rapalas:
Among the most popular Rapala lures are the iconic Shad Rap®, the groundbreaking CountDown® and — the lure that started it all — the legendary Original Floating® Rapala.

Why do anglers worldwide place so much trust in these baits? The answer is simple: they flat out catch fish. In 2015, complete the perfect Father’s Day by watching Dad unwrap a few familiar Rapalas.

The Original Floating Rapala®:
Based on Lauri Rapala’s first hand-carved balsa fishing lure, The Original Floating Rapala is still the No.1 “go-to” lure for the serious angler and is arguably the most versatile lure ever produced. The Original Floater offers an ultra-responsive balsa body and natural minnow profile that delivers the “wounded minnow” action that has made Rapala the most trusted name in fishing. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, this bait is still irresistible to fish everywhere.


The Rapala® Shad Rap®:
The beauty of this lure is that it still impersonates the most prolific baitfish found in streams, lakes and rivers around the world better than the copycats that have followed it. Made with premium balsa, it’s a sure-fire option when casting or trolling and can be fished both lightning-fast and ultra-slow without fail. It’s precise action and detailed finish makes the Shad Rap a bait worthy of the Fishing Hall-of-Fame.


The Rapala® CountDown®:
Unveiled in the 60s, this bait introduced the CountDown method of fishing to the world. Its gravity-defying body allows the lure to sink at one foot per second, helping anglers to easily target their desired depth again and again without rising out of the strike zone. Available in a wide variety of sizes and color patterns, its slow-rolling Rapala action tempts bites out of even the most disinterested lunkers.


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  1. I have been using Rapala products for over 60 years before they ever came to the USA or Canada. My father in law brought me a knife and a couple of dozen lures when he went on holidays to Finland 60 to 65 years ago . I loved them at that time and I am still using them to this day . I now have several tackle boxes full of tackle but find the Rapala lues still the most productive of all my spinners, spoons and other Lures. A few years ago the case for my knife wore out I contacted your plant in Oshawa Ontario to see about buying a new case and low and behold they sent me a new case free of charge. This is a company that really stands behind their product even after 5o to 60 ?????? years . I am now 74 years old and I will continue to Use Rapala products as well As encouraging all my grown children ( 6 ) to use your product if they want to catch fish . My kids do listen to their dad and quite often out fish the old man. LOL

    • The best part of this story is that you have shared your passion for fishing with 6 children who can continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Here’s to you evening the fish count next time out.

      Happy fishing.

  2. rapala has been in my box for decades works when nothing else does and stays in good shape fish after fish I have two boys and there both hooked on rapala and fishing thanks for a great bunch of lures Patrick mcalpin waslla alaska

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