This Father’s Day, make a splash and surprise dear ol’ dad with best-in-class saltwater gear that’ll help him make on-the-water memories for years to come, whether he’s looking for a brand-new hobby or already has a wall decorated with trophy-sized tuna and stupendous sailfish.

While no two dads are exactly alike, most will jump with excitement when they unwrap the latest must-have gear from Rapala® & Respected Rapala Brands, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936. Offering a seemingly endless selection of record-setting lures, durable Sufix® line and tough-as-nails accessories designed to stand up to harsh saltwater environments, Rapala is your one-stop shop to help you narrow in on the right option for whatever type of dad is on your shopping list.

Check out the following gift suggestions perfect for helping Dad catch the most coveted gamefish the seas have to offer:

For Dads Who Like to Get Away
If Dad is anxious for offshore adventure, the Williamson® Gomame Jig and Gomoku Jig are two solid gift options perfect for deep-water jigging, one of the hottest techniques in saltwater fishing. Whether fishing slow with a “lift and flutter” technique or “dead sticking” in current, the balance, shape and action of each jig is perfect and ready to meet any challenge.

The Gomame Jig, pre-rigged with a VMC® Perma Steel® Hook, delivers a pronounced wounded baitfish action, effectively mimicking the motions of struggling forage species and is great for targeting a wide variety of pelagic fish, including Tuna, Trevally, Sea Bass, Spanish Mackerel and Kings.

The Williamson Gomoku Jig produces an erratic action when fished with a fast to very-fast retrieve, providing anglers with an attention-grabbing action few other saltwater jigs can match.  And like the Gomame jig, this bait is perfect for targeting all kinds of pelagic fish.

For Dads Who Like to Sit On the Dock of the Bay
The more casual fisherman will be thrilled with the gift of the Rapala X-Rap® Twitchin’ Mullet or any of the Storm® 360GT Coastal Baits. Both are can’t-miss in-shore baits for a relaxing day on the docks.

A member of the legendary X-Rap family of lures, the Twitchin’ Mullet swims with a subtle side-to-side action and is designed to deliver a wide-twitching walk-the-dog presentation. A slow-sinking lure, the Twitchin’ Mullet is also deadly when fished with a glide-and-drop technique that allows anglers to cast the bait right into pockets where big fish wait to ambush their prey. Great for in-shore gamefish species, this bait is true saltwater workhorse.

Round out Dad’s angling arsenal with a variety of Storm 360GT Coastal baits, also known as the ultimate confidence bait. The 360GT coastal lineup boasts five soft-plastic bodies that mimic the most common coastal forage and come pre-rigged with a VMC® Coastal Black weighted swimbait hook or boxer-style jig head. Both options will equip Dad for any in-shore scenario. The swimbait hook rig offers a perfectly balanced weedless presentation ideal for fishing docks near vegetation and when a slower retrieve speed or horizontal fall is required. The boxer-style jig head is a sure-fire choice when targeting fish near the bottom of the water column with a lift-drop technique. Choose from 15 lifelike color patterns to help your old man perfectly match the hatch and catch all the fish they can handle.

Pair any of these baits with Sufix® 832 Advanced Superline® and Dad will be catching massive fish in no time. A must-have for any angler, Sufix 832 is known around the globe as the strongest small-diameter braid on the market. The old man’s on-the-water success is sure to skyrocket with the Coastal Camo line color, a blue-pattern option designed to blend into ocean-blue waters.

Sufix 832 Coastal Camo not only offers an ideal presentation, but is also incredibly strong, sensitive and abrasion-resistant thanks to advanced braiding and fiber technology. Its proprietary braid of one GORE® and seven Dyneema fibers woven 32 times per inch creates a nearly unbreakable superline. Available in strengths up to 80-pound test, Sufix 832’s increased sensitivity makes it easier to feel light bites, increasing anglers’ odds of catching their limit of fish day in and day out.

For Dads Operating on Island Time
They say “convenience is king.” If the dad on your Father’s Day gift list subscribes to that old adage, look no further than Williamson’s pre-rigged lure kits. The Williamson Big Game, Sailfish and Flash Feather kits will guarantee pop will spend less time rigging his line and more time reeling in the fish of his dreams.

The Big Game Catcher Kit is a heavy-duty 8-inch, four-piece trolling kit featuring concave pusher head faces that create an erratic action to entice savage strikes. Whether rigged with a Ballyhoo, strip bait or “naked,” this kit is a killer for billfish and large gamefish species worldwide.

The Flash Feather Kit also consists of four lures, each with a design that attracts Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Dorado and Tuna. The kit consists of two 4-inch lures pre-rigged with 4 feet of 80-pound test premium Sufix® leader and a tough-as-nails size 3/0 VMC Hook and two 5-inch lures pre-rigged with 4 feet of 100-pound test

Last but not least, the Sailfish Catcher Kit is perfect for targeting its namesake species. With its rear Ballyhoo rigging spring cavity, the kit’s concave pusher design makes each bait ideal for use in conjunction with a strip bait or Ballyhoo. The kit includes six lures, including three 4-inch baits pre-rigged with 5 feet of 60-pound test premium Sufix leader, a 4/0 VMC hook and three 5-inch lures pre-rigged with 5 feet of 130-pound premium Sufix leader and an 8/0 VMC Hook.

For Dads Who Enjoy a Sushi Dinner
If Dad is the type that loves rounding out an action-packed day with a fresh tuna steak, help him serve up the catch of the day with Rapala Salt Angler’s Fillet Knives. These no-flex, sturdy blades are made with corrosion-resistant European stainless steel that takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge. They come with blade lengths between 6-½ and 12 inches in straight, curved and slim varieties, providing the old man with a blade type suited for any filleting chore.

Still not sure?
You can’t go wrong with Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands apparel. Help Dad catch his next trophy fish in style with new Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands threads that offer comfort, style and functionality. Choose from a wide range of items including hats, T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, all designed to help him rock his look whether on or off the water.

A brand-new apparel item sure to round out Dad’s wardrobe is the Rapala® Elements Hooded Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt – Bonefish. The same pattern worn by bass legends like Kevin VanDam, Ott Defoe and Brandon Palaniuk, this new Mossy Oak® Elements Bonefish is the perfect choice for a cloudy day camo. The elements of earth, wind & water were combined to create multi-directional, photo realistic images that disrupt the human outline. Moisture-wicking helps you stay dry while the UV protection & attached hood shields you from the sun. Each features a silkscreened Rapala® logo.


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