Eye Up Some Incredible Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Walleye Angler

Sometimes it’s not easy knowing what to get an angler. After all, their tackle boxes are often stuffed full of lures, jigs, hooks and other fishing accessories.

But let’s be clear: You can never go wrong in giving your favorite walleye angler new lures, fishing line and jigs. They will always be appreciated. So, the question is, what should you give them?

Well, the folks here at Rapala® want to make that as easy as possible for you. We polled our Rapala walleye pros and asked them: “If you were to spend $30 or less on new lures for your favorite walleye angler, what would you recommend?”

So, for holiday season 2020, here’s a “basket” of goodies that you could wrap as one present, or you could stuff into an angler’s stocking hanging over the fireplace. All of these items are available at your favorite Rapala fishing tackle dealer, or through rapala.com.

Rapala® Jointed Shad Rap® – Fire Crawdad, No. 7
The No. 7 Jointed Shad Rap is one of the most perfect fishing lures for walleye. When trolled or cranked in, it runs between 7 to 15 feet, depending upon your line diameter and speed of retrieve. Nearly every color pattern is a winner for walleyes, but the Fire Crawdad is particularly good for waters where crawdads are a healthy part of the food source.

Rapala® Shad Rap® – Firetiger – No. 7
Every angler has their “confidence” bait – that one lure that they turn to when all else fails. Many Rapala anglers swear by the No. 7 Firetiger Shad Rap as their go-to lure, and that’s why you can never have another in your tackle box when you need to break the glass the reach for a proven winner.

Rapala® Tail Dancer® – Perch, No. 5
Many walleye anglers love to troll with banana-style baits for walleye. The Tail Dancer takes that to a new level. This balsa lure, designed with the famous Rapala wobble, features an internal rattle system that drives walleye crazy. The No. 5 dives to 6 to 9 feet making it especially deadline on those weed walleyes during the summer months.

Sufix® Elite® – 10-lb. 330 yards
Walleye anglers need fishing line, of course, and there may be no better all-around choice thatn Sufix Elite. It has unbeatable strength, superior tensile and knot strength due to micro resin technology, and it handles better and casts with ease due to a proprietary extrusion process. Our G² Precision Winding™ process virtually eliminates line memory.

VMC® Neon Moon Eye Jig – Pink Pearl, ¼ oz.
You can’t be a walleye angler without vertically jigging. While there are many options, you won’t go wrong with VMC’s Neon Moon Eye Jig in Pink Pearl.  3-D holographic eyes create the illusion of a wider profile while adding realism, the Neon Moon Eye Jig features premium VMC high-carbon steel hook with top-of-the-line black nickel finish. The wide range of colors includes UV Bright finish colors to guarantee you to catch more fish in all water conditions.

Holiday Bonus: When ordering through Rapala.com, place your order by midnight on Dec. 16, 2020, to guarantee priority mail delivery by Dec. 23, 2020.

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See Rapala® Shad Rap®

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