Download And Play The Realistic Rapala Daily Catch Game For Free

Too cold for you to fish now? No worries, stay warm and keep your skills sharp this winter by playing the free Rapala Daily Catch game on your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

“Best fishing game out,” says reviewer Chip Pedersen. “The fish look like you can pick them up right off your phone. The game has a fun simple swipe movement to move your lure to attract fish. I also like all the tournaments you can participate in.”

Pedersen is not alone in his high praise. Of the app’s 47,130 total ratings in the Google Play store, 27,230 players gave it a 5-star review.

“Play this game,” says reviewer John Murphy. “Anyone that’s played this will agree with me. It is one of the best fishing games.”

With the game in hand, you can travel online to beautifully rendered, real waterbodies across North America to catch fish with virtual versions of real Rapala lures.

“[It’s] the closest thing to real,” says reviewer Argos Stayhigher. “Haven’t stopped playing since I downloaded. Definitely a way to take your head to the place if you really love fishing.”

You’re in luck too if you love competition – with Rapala Daily Catch, you can compete against fishing buddies from around the world and earn rewards for winning tournaments.

An intuitive interface and comfortable controls make for realistic casting and hooking and reeling, both above and below water. “The graphics are awesome and so is the game play,” says reviewer Ameris AJ Winter. Learn the right combination of tackle, retrieval motion, and lake locations and you can catch bigger fish each outing.

Rapala Daily Catch is free to download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the App Store, as well as on Android devices through Google Play. It supports unlimited fishing – you can play all day without timers or energy restrictions.

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