Convert Lookers into Biters in Deeper Water with the New RipStop® Deep

The only way to get more from a RipStop® is to hit more depths. So Rapala® developed the new RipStop® Deep, which dives three to four feet deeper than the original No. 12 RipStop®.

Looking like a cross between a jerkbait, suspending twitch bait and a swimbait, a RipStop® will stop in place and suspend almost immediately on the pause – something no other bait does. A RipStop® Deep will dive to eight feet. A No. 12 Rip Stop’s max depth is five feet.

When it’s in motion, a RipStop’s unique hard-plastic boot tail creates a hard-rolling, slashing action that mimics a live minnow swimming. Although soft-plastic boot-tail swimbaits elicit bites well on the retrieve, many sink like a stone when paused, scaring off fish still considering whether to commit. The RipStop’s ability to stop, suspend and then resume swimming converts lookers into biters.

See Rapala® RipStop® Deep

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