Catch Bass Anywhere, Under Any Condition, with New Terminator® Pro Series Spinnerbaits

Top tournament pros such as Ott DeFoe must imitate many species of forage to catch winning limits of bass, such as threadfin shad, gizzard shad, blueback herring, emerald shiners, golden shiners, silver shiners and alewives.

Now, Terminator® Lures, a respected Rapala® brand, makes it easier than ever with its powerful new lineup of Pro Series Spinnerbaits. With vibrant, real-life looking patterns Terminator is helping DeFoe and millions of anglers “match the hatch” under any condition, on any body of water.

“Terminator has a spinnerbait that matches nearly every combination that you’re going to need as an angler,” said DeFoe, the 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion. “Terminator has got it covered.”

Not only are Terminator’s new Pro Series Spinnerbaits available with multiple forage-matching skirt color patterns, they come with several different blade colors and shape combinations. DeFoe provided input on all the color patterns and blade options needed to match bass forage species across the country.

“Being able to have every single detail I want was a huge, huge thing,” said DeFoe, who competes on the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour. “Anglers are going to feel more confident tying on these Terminator spinnerbaits; they’re going to catch more bass with them.”

Among the features that distinguish Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits from lesser-quality look-alikes is a hand-tied skirt held tight by copper wire.

“That hand-tied skirt is going to outlast any other way to put a skirt on a spinnerbait,” DeFoe said.

Another feature that separates the Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits from the pack is a tri-collared trailer keeper on the hook shank. DeFoe rarely fishes a spinnerbait without a soft-plastic, boot-tail swimbait trailer.

“I feel like it just adds a little bit of added attraction,” he said. “It’s that something extra to help fish key in on it and eat it a little bit better.”

To be effective though, a spinnerbait trailer bait must be locked firmly in place. A loose or misaligned trailer can ruin the illusion that triggers fish to bite.

“Having that really good-quality trailer keeper gets a lot of life and a lot of bites out of those trailers,” DeFoe said.

Quality components enhance the effectiveness of Pro Series Spinnerbaits, which include: high-grade, 17-7 stainless steel; a premium VMC® hook; a premium ball-bearing swivel; and ultra- fine wire construction, which provides perfect balance, strength and amplified vibration.

“I just can’t say enough about this spinnerbait,” DeFoe said. “It’s built exactly the way I wanted it to be. Every one of these in the line-up comes with the same great components.”

Anglers across the country can catch bass on Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits both shallow and deep, and in clear and dirty water. There’s rarely a situation, really, you’d want to stop stringing them up and slinging them.

“You don’t quit throwing spinnerbaits,” DeFoe said. “They never stop producing bass.”

In his native Tennessee, DeFoe’s favorite way to fish Terminator Pro Series Spinnerbaits is to target pre-spawn bass around river run-ins.

“Fish will just pull up here and feed on shad,” he explained. “A Pro Series Spinnerbait is a great way to catch them in that dirty water.”

Terminator® Pro Series Spinnerbaits come in two sizes, 3/8-oz. and ½ oz. They are available in eleven head-and-skirt color patterns: Chartreuse and White Shad, Hot Olive, Shad Spawn, Retro Gill, Green Gizzard, Dirty Chartreuse Shad, Sunny, Silver Shiner, Pink, Pale Gold Shiner and Nashville Sexy.

Check local stores for availability.

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