Can’t-Miss Last-Minute Ice Fishing Gift Ideas From Santa Bass

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the angler who loves ice fishing? Here are some suggestions from that will create some huge smiles this holiday season.

Rapala® Jigging Rap® – Accept no imitations. The one and the only Rapala® Jigging Rap® swims in tantalizing circles under the ice for suspended game fish. Featuring a balanced, weighted minnow profile and single reversed hooks with center treble and eyelet, this bait also can be bottom bounced, yo-yo style off the bottom with unbeatable results. The Jigging Rapa comes in a wide range natural and glow color patterns to let you zero-in on what picky fish are feeding on.

Rapala® Ice Safety Spikes – Never, ever go out onto the ice without your Rapala® Ice Safety Spikes. Contoured finger grip handles offer a secure grip with this essential survival tool for ice anglers. Hardened steel spikes penetrate the toughest of ice.

Rapala® Ice Skimmer with Chipper – One is not enough. If you’ve ice-fished enough, then you know the “skimmer down the hole” story. The Rapala® Ice Skimmer with Chipper is made from galvanized steel into a 5″ strainer cup mounted to a brawny handlebar with hook. It features an effective chipper (and includes chipper cover for safety).

Sufix® 832 Advanced Ice Braid Sufix® 832 Advanced Ice Braid is the strongest, most durable small-diameter ice braid available anywhere. Featuring R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology provide superior strength, roundness and line consistency. GORE® Performance Fibers add incredible fray and abrasion resistance for unmatched durability. HMPE Fibers provide high strength & sensitivity, small diameter & hydrophobic water-repellent protection that resists freezing.

VM®C Tear Drop Jig — The VMC® Tear Drop Jig’s oversized holographic eye is the perfect attractant when fished with a float, dead stick, or tip-up. The unique wide profile and teardrop shape mimic fingerling-sized baitfish and other aquatic food that feeding predators seek out at all times of the year. Featuring a wide variety of colors in UV, natural baitfish, holographic finishes, and Ultra Glow pigments lasting up to 15 minutes — fish cannot resist biting!

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