Blue Fox® Classic Vibrax® Now Available in New Northern Lights Color Patterns

According to Finnish folklore, a dazzling display of waving, shape-shifting plumes illuminating the night sky, the Northern Lights emanate from sparks flying off the fur of a mystical arctic fox flinting against massive steel-blue mountains.

That story inspires a handful of new color patterns in the Blue Fox® Classic Vibrax® line of multispecies in-line spinners.

Northern Lights Classic Vibrax spinners are available now in the following six Aurora Borealis-inspired designs

Green Chartreuse UV

Orange Chartreuse UV

Orange Pearl UV

Pink Pearl UV



The legendary Classic Vibrax spinner features the exclusive Vibrax bell, which emits low-frequency sonic vibrations when a free-turning gear rubs against it. The design of each entry in the Northern Lights line-up combines the following color flourishes:

A two-tone Vibrax bell – Lime green and chartreuse, traffic-cone orange and chartreuse, traffic-cone orange and white, bubblegum pink and white, eggplant and grape-gum purple, Navy and police-strobe blue.

A light-reflecting silver-color metal blade, one-third of which is painted in the darker of the two colors on the bell. The darker color then blends into the secondary color, which covers 1/3rd to 1/4th of the blade. About 1/4th to 1/3rd of the blade remains unpainted metal.

The Classic Vibrax runs 2- to-6 feet deep, depending on the lure size and line size. Its patented two-part body virtually illuminates line twist. Premium components include the machined-brass Vibrax bell, a stainless-steel shaft, and sticky-sharp VMC treble hooks to ensure an unsurpassed fishing experience.

The new Northern Lights series Classic Vibrax in-line spinners are available in six sizes: No. 0 blade, 7/64 oz; No. 1 blade 1/8 oz; No. 2 blade 3/16 oz; No. 3 blade 1/4 oz; No. 4 blade, 3/8 oz; No. 5 blade, 7/16 oz; No 6 blade 5/8 oz.

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