Al and Troy Lindner Tackle Canada’s Donkey-Size Walleye with the Rapala® Jigging Shadow Rap®

“That’s a donkey!” For pro angler Al Lindner and his son, Troy Lindner, catching monster Canadian walleye is all about finding the sweet spots. It’s about delving into deep waters in mid-summer – going to the far reaches of a lake, or maybe smack in the middle of it to explore a lake’s mid-lake humps where walleye can’t resist hanging out.

In a new video by Lindner’s Angling Edge, the Lindners spend a mid-August day on the Canadian side of Rainy Lake, which straddles the Ontario-Minnesota border. Al and Troy search out mid-lake humps that hold pots full of walleye with the hope of tangling with some donkey-size Canadian monsters.

Once they find the perfect spot, the Lindners bring out their secret walleye weapon: the Rapala Jigging Shadow Rap. This lure’s slower darting action and ability to launch up and forward aggressively are irresistible to walleye, luring them out from their hiding spots and igniting hot action when they emerge from the shadows and hit the shore.

“They strike the bait so hard, it’s a lot of fun,” said Al Lindner. “When you see the head shake, you know that’s a big fish. That’s what we came up here for!”

Al’s nugget of advice (among many, which he generously shares in the video) is that this lure will perform best when used with braided line, as opposed to monofilament. For this reason, the anglers topped off their set-up with Sufix® 10lb test 131® Braid and Sufix® 8 lb test Advance® fluorocarbon leader.


Check out the new video by Lindner’s Angling Edge to watch these pros lure the monsters out of their deep, dark hiding spots.

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