New Colors for the Rapala® Skitter V and Skitter Walk® are Here

Rapala® has the lures that deliver time and time again. Take a look at the new colors for the Skitter V and the Skitter Walk®.

Walk the Dog with New Bone-Hue Skitter V Color Patterns.
Ready to walk the dog? Throw it a bone! A new bone-color Rapala Skitter V, that is.

“Walking the dog” means retrieving a topwater bait with a side-to-side cadence of drastic direction changes, followed by long glides on slack-line.

Mastering this bite-triggering action has never been so easy with a Rapala Skitter V, which is now available in five new color patterns, three of which feature bone hues – Wish Bone, Ghost Bone and Holographic Bone. The other new color patterns are Clear Pale Olive and Ghost Clear.

The Skitter V’s innovative V-Rap belly design is what makes walking the dog easier to accomplish than ever before. If you’ve ever seen a V-shaped boat keel, the Skitter V’s belly will look familiar.

The five new Skitter V color patterns – which are all different shades of white – allow anglers to fine-tune their presentation to give fish exactly what they want. The new colors include:

Wish Bone – Bone white back, sides and belly, black shad spot.

Ghost Bone – Bone white back, clear sides and belly, black shad spot.

Holographic Bone – Iridescent bone white back, sides and belly, black shad spot.

Clear Pale Olive – Olive-green back, clear sides and belly, black shad spot.

Ghost Clear – Clear back, sides and belly, black shad spot.

The new bone and clear color patterns are available in Skitter V size 10 and 13. A size 10 measures 4 inches and weighs half an ounce. A size 13 measures 5-¼ inches and weighs 1 oz. Both come armed with two No. 4 VMC black-nickel round-bend hooks.

Rapala® Skitter Walk® Now Available in Four New Color Patterns
If you live for the thrill of in-shore, flats topwater action, Rapala has the lures that deliver time and time again. And now, one of the most successful topwater baits ever created, the Rapala® Skitter Walk®, is now available in four new color patterns, three of which expertly mimic baitfish that coastal gamefish gorge on – Mullet, Pilchard and Pinfish.

“The Skitter Walk is my go-to topwater bait for trout, redfish and snook in central Florida,” says Glyn Austin of Going Coastal Charters. “The new color patterns matching the coastal baitfish will make the Skitter Walk more effective when targeting larger gamefish that are keying in on a particular baitfish on the flats at different times of the year.”

The new color patterns include:

Mullet – Navy blue back, silver sides with four horizontal mullet stripes, silver belly and photo-realistic pectoral fins and gill plate.

Pilchard – Black and green back, iridescent white sides and belly, black spot.

Pinfish – Photo-realistic pinfish markings, including three vertical body stripes, a black dot, pectoral fin and gill plate.

Holographic Bone – Iridescent bone white back, sides and belly, black spot.

Featuring large internal rattles that create a rhythmic side-to-side motion-and-sound combo that imitates wounded or fleeing baitfish, Rapala Skitter Walk tempts big gamefish with “walk the dog” action in both saltwater and freshwater.

Superior construction assures that Rapala Skitter Walk lures swim perfectly right out of the box. They feature 3D holographic eyes and weighted tails that keep them in a natural position, even at rest. They’re available in two sizes: No. 8 and No. 11. The No. 8 size comes armed with VMC black-nickel hooks; size 11 comes with PermaSteel hooks.

See Rapala® Skitter V

See Rapala® Skitter Walk®

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