3 Tweaks, 3 Times the Fun

Looking for a little change of pace? Want to get that little bit of extra edge on the fish this weekend?

We’ve got it for you!

Check out our Tweak of the Week Super Cut video. Three Tweaks in one video!

Add a VMC® Bladed Hybrid Treble to your favorite Rapala® lure – like the BX® Brat – to make it extra bratty!

Add a VMC® Bladed Hybrid Treble to a surface bait, such as the Rapala® Skitter Prop® to give it that extra zing as it chugs and churns through the water.

Or, add a Dressed X-Rap® Treble to a Rapala® surface bait such as the Skitter V, to drive bass friggin’ out of their minds!

With VMC® hooks, rigs, jigs and terminal tackle, the possibilities are endless. And with Tweak of the Week, we show you how to add a little spice to your fishing life.

Watch now and have fun tweaking your tackle!

See VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble

See Rapala Dressed X-Rap Treble

See Rapala BX Brat

See Rapala Skitter Prop

See Rapala Skitter V

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