3 Reasons To Go Fishing On Your Next Day Trip

When the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to spend a day casting on the water. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman, a novice or a family in need of a fun, all-ages activity, fishing is an easy and enjoyable choice.

Here are three reasons for you and your family to go fishing for your next day trip.

It’s a Fun Way to Spend Time with Friends and Family.
Fishing is a fun activity that gets kids outdoors and engaged, and it’s easy for anyone in the family to participate, regardless of their age. Fishing allows friends and families to enjoy a relaxing day together, and helps keep their focus on each other, nature and the activity at hand.

For kids who are interested in fishing on a regular basis, organized youth fishing programs are becoming increasingly available and popular across the country. These programs and high school fishing teams are growing rapidly and getting significant support from well-known fishing companies, including lure manufacturer Rapala, which sponsors the Student Angler Tournament Trail.

“We are witnessing an exciting explosion in youth enjoyment of fishing,” says Rapala Marketing Director Matt Jensen. “High school and college fishing teams are growing faster than we’ve ever seen and it’s encouraging kids to get into the sport at a younger age.”

These new programs are a great way to teach kids the basics of fishing and allows them to pursue a lifelong sport. With the upcoming summer break, it’s an ideal time to sign kids up for fishing camps and schedule day excursions or fishing trips for the whole family.

It’s Accessible.
Many people live near lakes or other bodies of water, allowing easy access to the sport and a varied experience. For others, the ideal body of water may be a short drive away, making for a perfect one-day escape or weekend getaway.

Another bonus is that fishing isn’t complicated to learn and it doesn’t require a ton of expensive equipment. Whether you own or rent a boat, or fish from a dock or shoreline, getting out and learning the basics with an affordable rod and reel is something anyone can do. There are also plenty of versatile lure options that make fishing a quick and fun pursuit for any skill level, from beginner to experienced.

Here are a few easy-to-use choices:

The Original Floating® Rapala® is the world’s No. 1 “go-to” lure. Found in more tackleboxes worldwide than any other bait, it’s as versatile as it is effective. Designed with a natural minnow profile, the bait offers anglers the ability to reach any depth, making it perfect for catching a host of coveted gamefish, from big bass to wily walleye to ferocious pike, no matter where they lurk. Its patented wounded minnow swimming action continues to be irresistible to fish around the globe decades after its debut.

The Storm® 360GT Searchbait® is the ultimate confidence lure. Designed specifically to be fished anywhere by anglers of all skill levels. Its true-to-life rattling jig head and soft-plastic minnow profile creates a natural presentation that will fool fish time and time again. And fishing it couldn’t be easier. Simply cast it out and reel it in with a steady retrieve for consistent strikes and an action-packed day on the water.

The Rapala® DT® (Dives-To) Series is yet another unstoppable option from the most trusted name in fishing. A favorite choice for the world’s most respected professional bass anglers, this crankbait comes in a variety of sizes allowing the user to target specific depths and stay in the “strike zone” longer than any other crankbait on the market. Swimming with an attention-grabbing side-to-side motion, the Rapala DT-Series is a must-have lure for catching both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

It’s Good for You.
Spending time outdoors offers significant health benefits for everyone. One huge advantage of spending a day fishing is that it allows families to get away from screens. Everyone can set their phones and gadgets aside to enjoy time in nature, being present in the moment and relishing each other’s company without distractions.

If a child is spending too much time with electronics, breaking up their routine with an outdoor activity like fishing can expose them to the benefits of in-person interaction, engaging with the real world and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Here are some additional health benefits that come with fishing and being outdoors:

Vitamin D. Just 10-15 minutes of midday sun exposure provides a healthy dose of vitamin D, which assists bodies in absorbing calcium. This boosts bone growth and health, and helps fight disease. Vitamin D also elevates mood, helping in the battle against depression.

Relaxation. Just being outdoors, breathing fresh air and spending time near or on a body of water is shown to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. For people who are constantly on the go, it’s a great way to step back and take a much-needed mental break.

Exercise. Walking, boating and other outdoor physical activity helps burn calories and increase heart rate. And even though the participants may not notice, fishing helps stretch and flex some of the body’s more underused muscles.

With its widespread accessibility, health benefits and all-ages ease of participation, fishing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather ahead. You just might catch some fish — and have a great time doing it.

See Rapala® Original Floating®

See Storm® 360GT Seachbait®

See Rapala® DT® Series

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