What’s New from Rapala® at iCast®

Produced by the American Sportfishing Association, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) is the world’s largest sportfishing trade show. ICAST® continues to be the place where the most valuable business relationships are born, strengthened and celebrated.

While you aren’t able to explore new products and innovations in-person, the latest innovations are at ICAST® 2020 Online. Join product experts, manufacturing sales teams and other industry professionals to see and learn about the latest products in the fishing industry from your home or office.

Rapala® OG Slim 6 – From a passion of bait building as a childhood hobby, to customizing lures as a professional angler, the OG Series is born of the sawdust from Ott DeFoe’s Garage. The Rapala® Slim is a balsa, flat-sided bait with a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action. The lightweight circuit board lip is extremely thin yet delivers the right action and attitude no matter how you fish it. Weighs ½ oz, 2.75” long, dives to 6’, has a pair of #3 VMC® Hybrid Trebles and comes in 14 colors. Coming soon.

Rapala® Rap-V – The new Rap-V Blade is the perfect balance of metal, plastic and Rapala® expertise. This extremely versatile bait produces instant vibration on the lift or retrieve. Weighs in at ½ oz, 2.5” long and has VMC® #4 double hook and a #6 treble.

Sufix® 131 – The smoothest, quietest and most reliable braid ever made. The knot strength is a direct result of being constructed with 13 fibers (12 HMPE and 1 GORE) and is unparalleled. The single GORE® fiber surrounded by 12 HMPE fibers equals “super round” line that will spoil the most discriminating fisherman. 131 is available in 150 yard spools in 6, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 65, and 80 pound tests. Coming soon.

Storm® Largo Shad – The swim bait you’ve been hearing about is finally here, made famous by Jacob Wheeler, the Largo Shad has the perfect body roll and exaggerated tail swing. The incredibly long lasting and durable Largo Shad comes in a 3” and 4”, 16 colors and 6 of those are brand new colors inspired by Wheeler. 7 baits/pack in the 3” and 6/pack in the 4”. Coming soon.

Check out Rapala’s new product showcase at ICAST® 2020 Online

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