19 Igfa World-Record Fish Caught On Rapala Lures Last Year

More IGFA world-record fish were caught in 2014 on Rapala lures than any other brand of baits. Among the 19 International Game Fish Association world-record fish caught on Rapala baits last year was a 231-pound, 13-ounce southern bluefin tuna.

“We’re extremely happy and proud that, once again, more world records were caught on Rapala lures in 2014 than any other lure,” says Rapala USA President Tom Mackin. “All over the world, big fish eat little fish that swim like a Rapala. It proves that with Rapala, any angler has a shot at catching a world-record fish.”

Rapala lures have accounted for almost 600 IGFA world records. And because the IGFA is “truly international,” Mackin says, those world records are a “major source of pride for Rapala employees all over the globe.”

It came as no surprise to IGFA Chief Operating Officer Mike Myatt to see Rapala baits setting records once again.

“A mainstay of our sport for more almost 80 years, Rapala doesn’t just have a rich history, it continues to make history,” Myatt said. “More IGFA world-record fish have been caught on Rapalas than any other lure brand in history.”

Rapala is the first and only lure manufacturer to receive an IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award. Anglers have caught world-record catches with Rapala lures on every continent but one.

“We sell Rapala lures in 140 countries around the world and have world- record catches on every continent, except Antarctica,” Mackin says. “Who’s up for a trip to Antarctica?”

Also in 2014, Rapala scales determined the weight of 61 IGFA world-record catches.

But you don’t have to be record-setter to enjoy setting the hook with a Rapala tied on. Anglers across the globe catch more fish, make more memories and put more fillets on the table with Rapala baits.

Storm, Williamson, Blue Fox & Sufix records
Storm baits yielded two IGFA world-record catches, including a 32-pound, 13-ounce African red snapper. Williamson and Blue Fox lures each accounted for a world-record catch apiece, a 69-pound, 1-ounce southern bluefin tuna and a 90-centimeter (about 35 1/2 inches) arctic char.

Storm, Williamson and Blue Fox are among the many respected names in the Rapala family of brands. So too is Sufix fishing line, which accounted for almost two dozen world-record catches in 2014.

Across the globe, anglers caught 23 IGFA world-record fish on Sufix line in 2014, including a 215-pound, 8-oz. Atlantic bigeye tuna, a 136-pound, 10-ounce Atlantic Sailfish, a 59-pound, 8-ounce Pacific black snook, a 47-pound, 6-ounce white marlin and a 44-pound alligator gar.

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