10 Must-Have Multi-Species Lures You Need in Your Tackle Box

What exactly is the definition of a multi-species lure? Is it a lure that can catch at least two different species of fish, or is it a lure that has the ability to catch darn near anything that crosses its path?

When you’re putting together your list of the 10 best multi-species fishing lures offered by RapalaVMC®, these definitions matter. While just about any of the lures we considered could potentially catch anything, there are some lures that are definitely bass lures, walleye lures or redfish lures.

So, in making this list, we leaned toward lures that give you the best chance of catching any species on a body of water (lake, river, in-shore saltwater).

As you might imagine, there was quite a bit of internal debate about this list among the folks here at Rapala®. And surely, as you look at this top 10 list, you might find yourself saying, “Hey, but wait a minute, how could they not include this lure or that lure on the list.”

Well, that’s what putting these lists together is about – to stir up some talk when you’re out on the boat or playing a game of cards in the lake cottage at the end of a long day of fishing. So, for the first time ever, here are our nominations for the top 10, must-have, multispecies lures offered by the Rapala family of lures.

1. Original Floating® – Arguably the most effective fishing lure ever invented – catching fish of all species in all types of waters everywhere across the world. If you were to narrow it down, you will not go wrong with the first two colors offered in the Original Floating Rapala, either Silver or Gold, in size 11.

2. Shad Rap® – Right behind the Original Floating Rapala is the Shad Rap. Panfish, walleye, bass, northern pike, muskies, lake trout, salmon – the Shad Rap catches them all. Many Rapala pros swear by the No. 9 Shad Rap in chartreuse.

3. Jigging Rap® – While well-known for ice fishing, the Jigging Rap has gained a reputation as one of the most effective ways to catch walleyes, lake trout, and even deep-down bass in some of Southern California’s bass factories. Don’t overlook the No. 7 in Pink Tiger UV for year-round fun.

4. Blue Fox® Classic Vibrax® – Recognized worldwide for its ability to catch multiple species, the Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body that emits low-frequency sound vibrations that drive fish crazy and trigger strikes. While the Classic Vibrax comes in many colors, if you want to go truly classic, select size No. 5 in silver or gold.

5. DT-8 (DT® Series) – While the DT-8 is revered among bass anglers for its ability to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, what many anglers have found is that DT-8 is very good at catching many other types of species, too. Why? The DT-8, like other lures in the DT Series, is designed to stay at a specific depth. So, when you fishing a weed edge and you need to be at 8 feet, the DT-8, is the lure of choice, especially during the summer. Well, in addition to bass, there are many other types of fish that love the weeds in the summer and the DT-8 is highly effective at coaxing them out.

6. X-Rap® – When you search YouTube, you’ll understand why the X-Rap is on this list. Bass, pike, walleye, redfish, tarpon, snook – you name it, the X-Rap will catch it. The X-Rap is an “X-treme action slashbait” and it’s that action that triggers bites from all kinds of species, both freshwater and saltwater.

7. Storm® Largo Shad® – This lure is totally under the radar for most anglers, but for top bass, walleye and in-shore saltwater anglers, it’s a secret that many don’t want to reveal. The Storm Largo Shad swims on both the retrieve and free fall with an enticing slow body roll and thumping tail swing. When paired with a VMC® jig head, VMC® heavy-duty swimbait hook or a VMC® Tokyo Rig®, it’s deadly, and it’s why it deserves to be on this list.

8. Skitter-V – Question: What do redfish, snook, smallmouth bass and muskies have in common? If you guessed the Skitter-V, you would be right. Designed with a V-shaped bottom, the Skitter-V offers a unique, easy-to-create “walkin’ the dog” topwater action that freshwater and saltwater fish can’t resist. The Skitter-V comes in five new color patterns: clear pale olive, ghost bone, ghost clear, holographic bone, and wish bone.

9. Rippin’ Rap® – On open water or hard water, the Rapala Rippin’ Rap has earned a reputation as a deep water, go-to lure for walleye, crappie, perch, pike, lake trout and even sheepshead. The Rippin’ Rap features a lipless, deep belly profile designed to crank, swim and rip. With its skinny sides, this bait flutters on the drop. Its hard vibrating action on fast or slow retrieves accented with a loud, distinctive BB rattle, is too much for fish to resist. Try to Rippin’ Rap in size 6 in pearl gray shiner.

10. CountDown® – Whatever conditions you face, Rapala offers a lure to meet that condition. But in terms of a top 10 list, we had to top it off with another proven classic, The Rapala CountDown. Sinking at a consistent rate of one foot per second, the CountDown allows you to easily target specific depths repeatedly. Whether the fish are suspended, at the weed tops or holding on bottom structure, the CountDown can get you to them consistently. Besides the Original Floating Rapala, the CountDown also may be one of the most versatile lures on this list. The smallest sizes – No. 1 and No. 3 – are perfect for stream trout and panfish, while a CountDown No. 11 is a can’t miss choice for Canadian walleye, pike, bass and more. The brook trout pattern is a work of art in its own right.

So what do you think? Do you agree with our selection for the top 10 multispecies lures or would you argue against dropping one or more lures and include something else from the Rapala family of lures, which includes Rapala, Storm, Terminator, Luhr-Jensen, Blue Fox, and Williamson? Let us know.


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