10 Cool Gift Ideas for Fishing Dads Everywhere

This Father’s Day, get Dear Ol’ Dad the Fishing Gear He’s Been Dreaming About for Months.

Your Dad. He wears many titles – Father, Stepdad, Grandpa, Uncle, Director, Vice President, Manager, Coach, Husband, Son, Mentor, Brother, Neighbor, Honey, Dear, Bud, Popa and many more.

With all the titles that your Dad wears each and every day, there’s one title that he’d probably like to wear a little more often – angler, or possibly, the world’s greatest fisherman.

If you’ve noticed that your Dad has been watching a lot of fishing TV shows or fishing videos on YouTube lately, it’s likely that he’s been dreaming about getting on the water and enjoying the experience of hooking up with a big one or two.

Do yourself and Dad a favor this Father’s Day — don’t get him another tie or another coffee cup. Get him some stuff he really wants. Help him live his dream of being the best angler in the world (or at least on the block) and get him fishing gear that will help make him a better angler. Here are 10 Father’s Day gift suggestions from the folks at Rapala:

    1. Hot Bass Fishing Lures – If your Dad likes bass fishing, get him the 1-2 punch – the new Rapala® OG Tiny™ 4 and the Rapala® DT® 8. These are two great lures on their own, as demonstrated by some of the top Rapala fishing pros, but together, they will make a noticeable difference in your Dad’s ability to put more bass in the boat.

    1. Electric Fillet Knife – There’s no one who fillets fish better than Dad. Help him make short work of it with the Rapala® R12® Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo. It offers super accurate filleting while cutting fillet time in half. Spend more time fishing and less time filleting.

    1. Rain suit – Keep Dad warm and dry with the Rapala® Pro Rain Jacket and Bibs. Built tough, Rapala® Rain Jacket and Bib Series combines advanced technology performance with upgraded waterproof and breathable components for extreme conditions.

    1. Sweatshirt – The Rapala® Green Legend Sweatshirt is the ultimate statement of comfort, warmth and functionality. Your Dad will love this sweatshirt so much, he will be wearing darn near every day.

    1. Fishing line – What’s the best, go-to, do-anything, go-anywhere fishing line for whatever your Dad wants to fish for? The answer is Sufix® Advance® Monofilament. The most abrasion resistant, supple and sensitive monofilament ever. Sufix® Advance™ Monofilament offers a combination of HMPE and Hyper Copolymer™ to create superior abrasion resistance, low stretch and sensitivity that has never been seen before in a monofilament

    1. Fish Scale – Fishing dads tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to their catches. Help Dad stay honest with a Rapala® 50 lb. High Contrast Scale. It’s loaded with features, such as a reverse image LCD illuminated screen that makes reading the light text on dark background easy, even on bright, sunny days. The directional pad operation offers familiar and intuitive navigation through the menu options. Quick reference for min. and max. bin and total weight. It also features a fish friendly gripper to secure your catch. It’s perfect for Dad to show off his trophy catch!

    1. VMC hooks — From panfish, to walleye to bass fishing, pick up some VMC hooks for Dad based on what he likes to fish. With over two centuries of experience, there’s a VMC® hook for nearly every style of fishing. VMC also makes rigs, jigs and terminal tackle second to none. The award-winning VMC® Hybrid Treble Short hook is a great place to start – it allows anglers to unleash the full potential of their favorite lures simply by adding a hook.

    1. Lure Wrap – Does it seem like your Dad is always getting the lures on his fishing rod tangled up? A Rapala® Lure Wrap can solve that problem and make it much easier and safer to store fishing rods while traveling or while stored away. The hook resistant durable nylon completely covers the lure and hooks eliminating tangles with other lures, rods and line.

    1. Top Water Fun – Some anglers absolutely love fishing the surface, especially early in the morning or in the evening when the water calms down. One of the all-time best topwater baits is the Storm® Chug Bug®. It’s a proven classic. Dad will experience smashing strikes and high flying acrobatics with these do-everything topwater lures. Chug Bugs spit, dars, chug and walk-the-dog like fleeing baitfish. Weighted tails deliver long casts, while a loud rattle and teaser tail provide extra attraction.

    1. Keep Dad Smiling – Sometimes Dads have to go to work. Keep Dad smiling every time he gets in and out of his car or truck with a Rapala exclusive – a genuine Rapala® Key Chain.

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