0.62 Millimeters of Confidence

You’ve spent months dreaming about this moment. About that dream fish. The monster in your head that you’ve traveled hundreds, maybe thousands of miles to wrestle with. Well, This is your time.

And then it happens. You connect. Maybe it’s a tarpon. A redfish. A snook. A shark. It doesn’t matter to anyone except you. Because it’s your dream that’s on the line. Yours to battle; yours to lose.

And there’s only 0.62 millimeters between you and your fish.

You worried? Maybe.

But not legendary South Florida fishing guide Benny Blanco. That’s because you’ve got Sufix® fishing line on your reel.

A new video spot for Sufix® fishing line, Blanco, who has been guiding throughout South Florida (Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay and the Keys) for more than 20 years, brings to life the incredible moment that anglers worldwide dream about – connecting with a fish that absolutely shakes them to the core.


The host of Guiding Flow TV, Blanco is an award-winning tournament guide and conservationist who is part of a movement focused on education, raising awareness and promoting stewardship in an outdoor community that recognizes the need to take action on policies and practices that threaten our water resources.  Every show leans on the stories of guests who are connected to the water they fish with the goal of capturing the hearts of viewers by sharing those relatable passionate stories, showcasing world-class fishing adventure, and setting an example of sewardship everyone can follow.

As someone who makes his living from the water and on the water, take it from Benny Blanco, when the moment that you’ve been dreaming about finally comes, put your trust in Sufix® fishing lines.

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