Al and Troy Lindner Tackle Canada’s Donkey-Size Walleye with the Rapala® Jigging Shadow Rap®

“That’s a donkey!” For pro angler Al Lindner and his son, Troy Lindner, catching monster Canadian walleye is all about finding the sweet spots. It’s about delving into deep waters in mid-summer – going to the far reaches of a lake, or maybe smack in the middle of it to explore a lake’s mid-lake humps where walleye can’t resist hanging out. Continue reading



The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 2: Rapala® Twitchin’ Mullet Hooks Killer Catches Off Florida’s Atlantic Coast

In a new video in Rapala’s The Delivery video series, Captain Bobby Richter strolls into the front doors of Strike-Zone Fishing’s Melbourne store, ready for a busy day of work. But, when a mysterious package arrives at the shop, he realizes his day will be action-packed in a much different way than he thought. Continue reading



Wheeler Feasts at St. Clair with CrushCity™ Ned BLT™

Jacob Wheeler can do a lot of things on the water exceptionally well, but keeping secrets isn’t one of them. Shortly after prematurely revealing the CrushCity Freeloader to the fishing world via a victory at Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, he once again spilled the beans on a yet-to-be-released bait – the CrushCity™ Ned BLT™ – via a third-place finish in a Bass Pro Tour tournament on Lake St. Clair. From the far south to the far north, he’s quickly and efficiently spreading the word about Rapala’s new soft plastics. Continue reading