New Colors and Bait Rigs from Blue Fox® and Luhr-Jensen® are Sure to Trigger Big Bites

The new Blue Fox® UV Bright Classic Vibrax® baits combine complementary color flourishes to trigger bites from hard-fighting gamefish. The new patterns include a fish-scale pattern on the spinner blade in a color that matches the Vibrax bell, and a UV Bright color splash on the blade’s tip.

The six new UV Bright color combinations include:

Pink Scale Pattern/UV Bright Chartreuse-tip Blade, Metallic Pink Bell

Green Scale Pattern/UV Bright Chartreuse-tip Blade, Metallic Green Bell

Blue Scale Pattern/UV Bright Chartreuse-tip Blade, Metallic Blue Bell

Purple Scale Pattern/UV Bright Pink-tip Blade, Metallic Purple Bell

Blue Scale Pattern/ UV Bright Pink-tip Blade, Metallic Blue Bell

Cerise Scale Pattern/UV Bright Blue-tip Blade, Metallic Cerise Bell

Whether you’re casting for smallmouth or working fast-moving rivers for salmon and trout, there’s a Blue Fox spinner to perfectly meet your needs.

A tried-and-true fish-catcher, the Classic Vibrax features fine tolerances, super-sharp hooks and a low-frequency-emitting, patented two-part body, which comprises a machined-brass bell and a stainless-steel shaft. The key feature is the unique, namesake Vibrax bell, which emits sonic vibration when a free-turning gear rubs against it.

The Classic Vibrax lure from Blue Fox typically runs between 2-to-6 feet deep on retrieve, depending on lure and line size. It’s available in four sizes: ¼-oz. with size 3 blade; 3/8-oz. with a size 4 blade; 7/16-oz. with a size 5 blade; and 5/8-oz. size 6 blade.

Troll Up Monster Salmon with New Luhr-Jensen® Whole Bait Heads
Luhr-Jensen’s new Whole Bait Heads will help Coho and Chinook anglers fuel more strikes trolling anchovies and herrings. The new, easy-pegging teaser head gives brined baits a splash of color and a fish-triggering spin and roll.

“I like the Luhr-Jensen Whole Bait Heads because you never know if you’re going to get 100 percent awesome anchovies in the morning,” said Columbia River salmon and steelhead guide Dave Eng.

“So if they’re a little bit soft in the morning and you haven’t had a chance to harden them up, you stick the Bait Head on there and stick that pin through the hole and you’re good, it’s game on,” Eng added.

In addition to a pre-drilled pegging hole and peg, Luhr-Jensen’s new Whole Bait Heads feature oversized 3D holographic eyes. They’re available in seven color patterns: Chartreuse Glow UV (Ultra Glow), Fish Candy UV Purple, Fish Candy UV Chartreuse, Fish Candy UV Blue, Lucky Charm UV (Ultra Glow), Crystal Clear UV and Chrome Blue.

“I use them in both saltwater and freshwater out here, especially in the Buoy 10 fishery, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean,” Eng said. “There’s a couple of patterns that I like very well that are UV-coated and give a little bit of flash down there in the water.”

Eng rigs Luhr-Jensen Whole Bait Heads to trigger Buoy 10 salmon bites anywhere from 15 to 50 feet of water.

“If you’re using a Whole Bait Head, you get a perfect spin every time and it holds up better when it’s down there bumping bottom – it won’t tear,” he explains. “When you plug-cut herring, it will often flare out on you. Once it flares out, it’s not fishing right. That’s one huge advantage to using Bait Heads.”

Eng and his clients catch Coho salmon that weigh between 8 and 15 pounds. The Chinooks they catch weigh between 15 to 20 pounds, with an occasional 25- to 30-pounder caught. Whole Bait Head rigs give anchovies and herrings a spinning action that triggers those fish to bite.

“You can get a really, really tight spin, when you want it,” Eng added. “Some days you want them to spin like a drill bit. Other days, you loosen it up a little bit and have a little bit more wobble on it. That works out really well.”

See Blue Fox® Classic Vibrax®

See Luhr-Jensen® Whole Bait Head

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