Walters Gets Redemption on Home Pond with NPFL Win on Santee Cooper

South Carolina pro Patrick Walters has spent countless hours probing around his home waters of Santee Cooper. And though he’s had plenty of success on Santee over the years, a win at the top level has escaped him – until now. Posting a three-day total weight of 67 pounds, 12 ounces, Walters took home the W in the National Professional Fishing League event on Santee Cooper to claim not only a $100,000 payday but also a bit of redemption. Continue reading



Rapala® Dishes Up Deep Tail Dancers in Sherbet Colors That Deliver Ice Cream Satisfaction

I like sherbet better than ice cream, said no kid ever. So it is with a walleye offered a lure trying to look like a Rapala® – “Wait, what? Hard pass!” And there lies the genius in Rapala’s recipe for sweet success in dishing up delicious confections of colorful design flair and fish-attracting action – sherbet colors with ice cream satisfaction. Continue reading



New Century, Same Horizon: The Evolution of Big-Game Fishing in California’s Catalina Island

The history of big game fishing along the bay of California’s Catalina Island is nothing short of legendary. Known as the birthplace of big game fishing, anglers travel far and wide for the chance to tangle with trophy-sized yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, calico bass and numerous other species that swim beneath the island’s gleaming waters. Continue reading



Ice out X-Rappin’. Al and Troy Lindner Turn to Rapala Jerkbaits for Cold-Water Smallies

In the North Country, there’s a moment that all anglers hold sacred: when the last ice slowly dissolves away, revealing open water lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. After enduring one snowstorm after another, winter springs into summer and all thoughts turn toward getting our boats ready and being on open water once again. Continue reading



The Delivery Series 4, Episode 3: Taking the Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® to the waters Off Costa Rica.

The toss of turbulent waves, the sea spray in your eyes, the leaps and jolts of fish broaching the surface of the water, and finally, the strain of your muscles and the sweat on your forehead as you reel a big nasty fish with really sharp teeth into your boat – some weighing more than you do. That, my friends, is the thrill of it all. Continue reading