6 Reasons to Fish Heavy Cover

Two Bassmaster pros you’ll find flipping, pitching or punching heavy cover more often than not are Ott DeFoe and Randall Tharp. But why? Glad you asked! We wondered too, so we interviewed them this week. Continue reading



Rapala’s New Shadow Raps Shimmy Seductively While Suspending

At day’s end, a shadow doesn’t die, it slowly fades away. So it is with Rapala®’s new suspending jerkbait, the Shadow Rap®. Combining a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade, it perfectly mimics a minnow’s last moments before its end of days. Continue reading



Top Picks From The Rapala® Pros’ For The Bassmaster Classic

Some proven winners and a hotly anticipated newcomer are favorites to win the 2015 Bassmaster Classic this month on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell. And that’s just the baits! Continue reading