Finesse Hooks and Top-Water Baits Help Rapala Pros to Top-10 Finishes this Year

Finesse hooks and top-waters put big bass in the boats of Rapala® pros this year, from one end of the country to the other. Key baits in numerous top-10 Bassmaster tournament finishes were VMC® Neko Hooks, Terminator® Walking and Popping Frogs, Storm® Arashi Cover Pop, Chug Bug® series and Top Walkers. Continue reading



Storm® 360GT Searchbait® is the go-to choice for anglers of all skill levels

“While this bait and jig head were initially released in one package, paired to be the perfect lure to catch everything that swims, it’s great that they’re available now on their own,” says Davy Hite, a Bassmaster Classic champion and seven-time Bassmaster tournament winner. “Often times, you’ll run out of one sooner than the other, and this just makes it easier to always have the right amount of what you need.” Continue reading