Cast Shad Dancers on Nanobraid to catch shallow walleyes in clear, cold water

To catch the most pre-spawn walleyes in clear-water natural lakes “Up North”, cast Rapala® Shad Dancers® on Sufix® Nanobraid® where water temps remain unseasonably cool. Shallow walleyes in clear water are notoriously spooky, so making long casts with moving baits often out-produces vertically jigging live bait or trolling this time of year. Continue reading



Troll Down Deep Husky Jerk®s to defeat post-spawn walleye ‘funk’

By the time someone in your boat says something like “I guess the big girls aren’t hungry anymore,” it’s likely already too late – the big female walleyes you’ve been catching (or someone at the bait shop bragged he’s been boating) are long gone, having retreated briefly to recuperate and feed out deep. Yes, they’re still eating – just from a different menu, at a different diner. Continue reading



High water to put Rapala crankbaits, Storm 360GT Searchbaits center stage in Classic

Higher water than anglers have seen in recent history will likely put Rapala® crankbaits and Storm 360GT™ Searchbaits center stage in the Bassmaster Classic March 16-18 on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell. So says top Rapala pros prior to a practice period that began March 9 on the sprawling highland reservoir. Continue reading



Ott DeFoe, Seth Feider and Brandon Palaniuk make Bassmaster Classic Predictions

Whether you’re fishing in the Bassmaster Classic this month or on your favorite highland reservoir, Rapala® and Storm® crankbaits, Terminator® jigs and spinnerbaits, and Rapala Shadow Rap jerkbaits will put fish in the boat. Those are among the baits top Rapala pros predict they’ll throw in official practice before the March 16-18 Bassmaster Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell. Continue reading