Top-Secret new Neko Hooks key in Wheeler’s top-10 finish in Oahe tourney

In a Bassmaster tournament in which fish were hard to find, they were even harder to keep hooked. Angler after angler told tales of woe on the weigh-in stage of feisty, hard-fighting Lake Oahe smallmouth coming unbuttoned before coming in the boat. But Jacob Wheeler had no such hard-luck stories. He was drop-shotting with a new VMC® Neko™ Hook prototype. Continue reading



Rapala® BX Brat, Storm Arashi Cover Pop and VMC finesse baits key in Swindle’s 2nd-place showing on Sabine

Fishing deeper and slower than the competition helped Rapala® pros Gerald Swindle and Brandon Palaniuk to runner-up and 7th-place finishes, respectively, Sunday in a tough Bassmaster Elite tournament on the Sabine River system in Texas. Baits that put bass in the boat included Rapala BX™ Brats, Storm® Arashi® Cover Pops, VMC® Shaky Head Jigs and VMC® Sureset Drop Shot Hooks. Continue reading



Cast Shad Dancers on Nanobraid to catch shallow walleyes in clear, cold water

To catch the most pre-spawn walleyes in clear-water natural lakes “Up North”, cast Rapala® Shad Dancers® on Sufix® Nanobraid® where water temps remain unseasonably cool. Shallow walleyes in clear water are notoriously spooky, so making long casts with moving baits often out-produces vertically jigging live bait or trolling this time of year. Continue reading