Troll the Super Shad Rap® For Monster Muskie this Fall

With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to load your boat with monsters – monster muskies. In lakes with big populations of perch or shad, the best trick for treating yourself to a record esox this fall is trolling Rapala Super Shad Raps. The tactic is so effective on Green Bay, it often yields multiple 45-plus-inch fish per day. Continue reading



Finesse Hooks and Top-Water Baits Help Rapala Pros to Top-10 Finishes this Year

Finesse hooks and top-waters put big bass in the boats of Rapala® pros this year, from one end of the country to the other. Key baits in numerous top-10 Bassmaster tournament finishes were VMC® Neko Hooks, Terminator® Walking and Popping Frogs, Storm® Arashi Cover Pop, Chug Bug® series and Top Walkers. Continue reading



Chug Bug, Shadow Rap help Wheeler to Top 3 finish in Bassmaster tourney

By the time you determine bass will only eat one bait, it won’t be long before they begin ignoring it and eating something else – especially in multiple-day fishing tournaments on small, heavily pressured waterbodies. So it’s best to rig up some “Plan B” baits and reach for them at the right time. Continue reading



Terminator® Jig and Frog help DeFoe win again on Douglas Lake

Two Terminator baits helped Ott DeFoe win a third Bassmaster Open on Tennessee’s Douglas Lake, his home water. The first was no surprise – a Terminator® Pro Series Jig, long a go-to bait for DeFoe. The second threw Bassmaster media observers for a loop when DeFoe started slinging it – a Terminator Walking Frog Jr. Continue reading