Smart crankbait strategy and ‘dumb luck’ help Feider win on St. Clair

Although Seth Feider says “dumb luck” led him to his best spot last week, a smart strategy helped him catch more and bigger fish in the school he found there. En route to winning a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair, the Rapala® Pro upsized his Sufix® Advance® Fluorocarbon line by two pounds-test in order to prevent his crankbaits from hitting bottom. The non-traditional retrieve helped him hook and land more 4-plus-pound smallmouth bass. Continue reading



What to Throw for the Summer Bass Bite

The transition from spring to summer can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating time to fish but can also be the most rewarding and successful times to fish all year. This time of year the bass will typically start to school up to feed together after the spawn so it’s important to cover a lot of water because you might go a while without a bite, but once you find an active school it can be lights out. Continue reading